Anadi Bank was awarded as „Bester Arbeitgeber Kärnten/Osttirol 2023" (Best Employer in Carinthia/East Tyrol in 2023)


Anadi Bank achieved outstanding rankings in the "Best Employer Carinthia/East Tyrol 2023" study conducted by market Marktforschungs-Ges.m.b.H. & Co. KG, which compares banks and other industries. The bank hereby further reaffirms its position as an attractive employer in the region.

Klagenfurt, August 1, 2023"The top ranking is a confirmation of our continuous efforts to offer our employees a first-class working environment and to take their needs and wishes into account in the best possible way," says Christian Kubitschek, CEO of Anadi Bank. "Young talents nowadays look closely at where they want to settle down professionally. But colleagues who have been working for a while also appreciate our highly flexible working hours and workplace models, as well as our open corporate culture and flat hierarchies. The award confirms - in addition to the steadily rising number of inquiries about our job advertisements and our fluctuation rate that is far below the market average - that we are rightly perceived as an attractive, innovative, and fair employer in our region," says CEO Kubitschek.

Anadi scores with flexible and innovative worktime and workplace models

For years, Anadi Bank has shown a particularly strong commitment to enabling employees to achieve a healthy balance between work and private life. In particular, the flexible worktime and workplace models play a central role in this regard. For example, Anadi Bank not only offers flexible and extensive home office models but has furthermore introduced a "workation" model in which almost all employees can work ten working days per year remotely from another EU/EEA country. The company as well continuously invests in programs and initiatives to promote employee satisfaction and was therefore ranked top in "Work-Life-Balance".

"In recent years, we have worked intensively on optimizing and increasing the structural work-life balance of our employees and have set many positive accents overall within the framework of our HR concept. This award fills us even more with great joy," said Alexandra Pfefferer, Head of HR at Anadi Bank, at the presentation of the certificate by market Marktforschungs-Ges.m.b.H. & Co. KG. "In the future, our focus will be even more specifically on further reinforcing our company's position as an attractive employer - both for young high-potentials and for people who have been in the workforce for a longer time," Pfefferer continued.

About the study:
During the study conducted by market Marktforschungs-Ges.m.b.H. & Co. KG "Best Employer Carinthia/East Tyrol 2023", around 1,400 people aged 15 to 59 were surveyed - including employees, job seekers, and apprentices. The focus of the annual survey is on the attractiveness of 140 domestic employers, including those in the areas of trade, services, and commerce.

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About Anadi Bank
With its Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Public Finance, and Digital Banking business segments, Anadi Bank offers personal customer service through a multi-channel approach with 10 branches in Carinthia and a team of customer care agents. In addition, Anadi Bank focuses on easy-to-use digital services and expands its digital financial product portfolio for its customers in the DACH region. The most recent launch of a digital SME loan as part of the expansion into Germany, as well as the launch of a tablet-based mobile sales cooperation with Austria's financial service providers under the "Anadi Connect" brand and the unique sales cooperation under the MARIE brand, which brings banking services to tobacconists impressively underscores this development. The institution's digital DNA is evident in the bank's internal digital division, in which around 40% (excluding the branch network) of Anadi Bank's approximately 250 employees work. For its approximately 58,000 customers and as the principal bank of numerous companies in trade, industry, and real estate, as well as many municipalities and public sector institutions, the bank leverages the advantages of long-standing relationships of trust between customers and customer advisors, high innovative strength, digital competence, and lean structures.

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