Interest rate of 0.625% p.a., locked in for 3 years!

Surprise your loved ones with a perfect home just for them. Get an interest rate of 0,625% p.a. locked in for 3 years.   

Anadi Online Savings: interest rate of 1.01% p.a. less capital gains tax for the first 3 month
Promotional interest rate of 1.01% for new customers

New customers enjoy a promotional interest rate of 1.01% p.a. less capital gains tax for the first 3 months. 

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  • Micro ATM card

    With the Micro ATM card, you always have your Maestro ATM card with you, either on your wrist or on your key ring.  Read more

  • Anadi Online Loan

    Austria’s first paperless online loan. The Anadi online loan offers you the financial freedom you need to realise your wishes, be they large or small. Your individual loan offer will be presented to you within just 5 minutes. Read more

  • Anadi Online Time Deposit

    Saving now pays off again! And with Anadi Bank, it reaches new heights: 0.8% p.a.* for 12 months. Secure this special interest rate for your money now. With online video authentication, you can open an account in no time at all. Read more

  • Anadi Global Selection fund

    The Anadi Global Selection fund is a new force in the world of funds and represents a solution for investors who place a high value on broad diversification and the opportunity to build up their assets. Read more

  • Anadi Online Savings

    Switch to Anadi Bank now and enjoy the benefits of an Anadi online savings account (demand deposit). Earn an interest rate of 0.44% less capital gains tax. Read more

  • Anadi Online Account

    The free online account with top additional services. Open a new free online account at Anadi Bank now for your ongoing salary/wage/pension payments – easy to do online. Read more


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