Austrian Anadi Bank ist zu 100 % im Eigentum der Anadi Financial Holdings Pte.Ltd.

Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria

Austrian Anadi Bank is 100% owned by Anadi Financial Holdings Pte.Ltd.

Sanjeev KanoriaAustrian Anadi Bank AG is 100% owned by Anadi Financial Holdings Pte. Ltd., which is 100% owned by Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria. The owner’s strategy is to develop long-term value for all stakeholders. The British-Indian Kanoria family successfully operates an extensive network of companies in the infrastructure, health care, ICT and agricultural sectors, and is one of India´s leading players in infrastructure finance through its publicly listed Srei Group.

Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria is a member of the supervisory board, in addition to being trustee of the Kanoria Foundation.