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Austrian Anadi Bank AG: challenging the status quo

Anadi’s state-of-the art digital front-to-end process for core products & services enables a ‘one system fits all approach’ resulting in leadership in time-to-market, through speed, flexibility, efficiency & scalability.

Austrian Anadi Bank AG is a mid-sized Austrian bank at the forefront of the digital revolution, challenging traditional banking models through a unique value proposition of simplicity, speed, and efficiency with regards to core products and services offered, thanks to its agile and scalable digital front-to-end process enabling a ‘one system fits all approach’ for both online and traditional retail and corporate clients.

The hybrid approach of efficiently serving both online and offline clients is possible through the bank’s multi-channel comprising: branches in urban areas, mobile advisors, and a team of customer care agents on the one hand; and through its fully fledged digital value chain with web-based client onboarding, online consumer loans, Internetbanking, a state of the art banking App, and online accounts, payments services and savings, on the other.

Anadi’s core business segments include Retail, Corporate Banking and Public Finance. Within Corporate Banking, the Bank serves SMEs in both Austria and Germany, covering real estate, trade and manufacturing. Through its historical role as a regional bank, Anadi has a long-standing relationship with the federal state of Carinthia to which it caters through its Public Finance segment, providing advisory and financing to municipalities, public utilities and public housing companies.
Austrian Anadi Bank serves 57,000 customers and employs 270 people.

Since 2013, Anadi is 100% owned by an international long-term oriented shareholder, through Anadi Financial Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Anadi’s roots date far back to its foundation in 1896 as a regional Mortgage Bank ‘Landeshypothekenanstalt’ in the federal state of Carinthia, with its core strength of serving retail clients, SMEs and the federal state. Anadi’s traditional strength, embodied in its name ‘Anadi’ meaning ‘eternal’ in Hindu, has withstood the test of time, surviving financial and geopolitical crises, to what it is today, this is further exemplified in its agility and ability to transform and adapt to the digital epoch, the core driver of future banking; a characteristic that distinguishes Anadi from traditional banks, making it the bank of the future.

Our strategy

  • Focus on stable & long-term growth through growing core business
  • Maintain leadership in time-to-market through leveraging our digital front-to-end process for core products and services
  • Make customer’s banking experience easier by providing value through easily accessible financial services
  • Continuous product innovation, driving value proposition throughout the client’s life journey
  • Expansion to new markets (domestically & internationally) through leveraging our uniquely flexible & scalable IT infrastructure



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