eMS debit processing

The easy and straightforward SEPA direct debit mandate service


eMS - e-mandate service

Using eMS debit processing (e-mandate service), buyers can easily and securely authorise businesses and institutions to debit their account for open payables. It was developed by Austrian banks in cooperation with STUZZA (Studiengesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit im Zahlungsverkehr GmbH), the Austrian Research Association for Payment Cooperation. Read more

Once the buyer has authorised the e-Mandate, the business can execute debit transactions from the authorised account.

eMS is a front-end system based on the bank’s online banking system. E-mandates can therefore be authorised in the familiar environment of the online banking system of the customer’s own bank.

Special information for merchants and buyers about eMS debit processing:
Merchants (creditors)
  • eMS is multi-bank compatible and, of course, SEPA compliant. Only a standardised technical XML interface is needed.
  • The eMS process takes place in real time. In other words, SEPA direct debit mandates verified and successfully authenticated by the bank’s computer are instantly confirmed to the creditor. Therefore, the creditor is able to debit a customer’s account immediately using SEPA direct debit.
  • The payor (debtor) can use eMS with no additional registration.
Buyers (debtors)
  • No additional registration is necessary.
  • There is no added cost.
  • Data is never accessed by a third party and is never temporarily saved.
  • It can be used in your bank’s familiar online banking system environment.
Details for entrepreneurs

eMS is of interest for companies from a wide variety of industries with different payment situations. At online shops, insurance agencies, telephone providers, public utilities, real estate management companies – payments for goods, insurance premiums, building security deposits, instalments, etc. can be processed.

With no special technical effort required, the SEPA direct debit mandate (SDD Core and SDD B2B) can be issued electronically without delay and eliminating the manual processing (e.g. mail). Information on technical implementation can be found on the STUZZA website under “eMS interface”. Click here next for technical details on implementation.

Prerequisites for offering eMS debit processing

An e-service creditor agreement for processing e-mandates has to be signed. For details on this, please contact your customer representative.