Anadi Bank with half-year result of € 7 million, intensive bidding competition underway



  • Effective risk management, cost discipline and growth in all areas drive half-year results further upwards
  • After-tax profit increases further to 7 million euros as of 30.06.
  • Full-year outlook for 2022 confirmed: After-tax profit of 12 million euros expected
  • CEO Christian Kubitschek: „Our positive momentum continues to accelerate. No institution is better prepared for the interest rate turnaround than Anadi Bank. The acquirer of our traditional banking business will have great joy.


Vienna, 1 July 2022 – At the end of the first half of 2022, Anadi Bank has once again announced its success. The result jumped again to € 7 million - which corresponds to a six-fold increase compared to the full year 2021 (€ 1.1 million) after only six months. A number of factors made these excellent figures possible: High cost discipline, efficient processes and consistent risk management as well as rising earnings in all areas of the bank are driving the result upwards. The stringent implementation of Strategy 2.0 and the extensive investments of the past two years - in both digital banking and traditional banking - are now bearing fruit: for the traditional banking areas (retail, corporate and public finance) are performing strongly and digital banking also has unbroken growth momentum and high innovative strength.

Outlook for the full year 2022: 12 million euros profit with guaranteed further increases
For the full year, the Executive Board confirms its outlook with an expected after-tax profit of 12 million euros for the Bank's operating business (excluding transaction costs of the sale of the traditional banking business). „Basically, we can then talk about a profit of around 20 million euros, because in 2022 alone, the bonds issued in the past as refinancing will have an impact of around 8 million euros. By 2025, these bonds will have largely matured - so we are looking at guaranteed additional contributions to earnings from this position“, explains CEO Kubitschek.

Anadi Bank prepared for the interest rate turnaround: € 10 million additional income expected
But that's not all: almost 90% of the bank's loan book is at variable interest rates. Therefore, the bank is excellently prepared for the interest rate turnaround already initiated by the ECB: „The interest rate turnaround is just starting with full force. We have specifically geared our balance sheet to this. An increase to 0.5 percent in the Euribor will bring at least 10 million euros in additional net income into our coffers. Like the market, we expect further interest rate increases, which have not even been factored into our forecasts. As the bonds mature, we should therefore see a profit of at least 30 million euros in the coming years. In the past years, we have consciously detached ourselves from the market trend of fixed-rate loans in our new business with variable-rate products. This discipline is now paying off disproportionately for us“, says CEO Christian Kubitschek.

Quadriga" project: intense bidding competition for traditional banking business
At the beginning of June, Anadi Bank launched a bidding competition for its traditional banking business under the project name "Quadriga". The buyer will be determined by the end of September. „Loyal customers, excellent employees, efficient processes, a great balance sheet structure, strong earnings power and high margin and capital efficiency: the acquirer can look forward to all of this - and "plug and play", i.e. without complex integration. We have noticed that the market is also aware of all this, not least because of the intense competition among bidders for our traditional banking business“, concludes CEO Christian Kubitschek.

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About Anadi Bank
With its Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Public Finance and Digital Banking business segments, Anadi Bank offers personal customer care via a multi-channel approach with 10 branches in Carinthia and a team of customer care agents. In addition, Anadi Bank focuses on easy-to-use digital services and is developing its portfolio into a top online banking offering for the German-speaking region: most recently with the launch of a digital SME loan as part of its expansion into Germany, as well as with the start of a unique sales cooperation under the MARIE brand, which brings banking services to tobacconists. The digital DNA of the bank is visible in the bank's internal digital area, in which about 40% (excluding the branch network) of the total of about 250 employees of Anadi Bank are already working. For its approximately 58,000 clients and as the principal bank of numerous companies in trade, industry and real estate, as well as a large number of municipalities and public sector institutions, the bank specifically leverages the advantages of long-standing relationships of trust between clients and client advisors, a high level of innovative strength, digital competence and lean structures. In June 2022, Anadi Bank declared its intention to transform itself into a pure digital bank by selling its traditional banking business. The transaction under the project name "Quadriga" will further significantly increase the clout in digital growth in the DACH region. The bidding process for the traditional banking business will be completed by the end of September 2022.