Maestro ATM card

Maestro ATM card

Cash availability 24/7. Your card with a Maestro capability (Maestro ATM card) makes it possible.


The Maestro ATM card and your personal identification number (PIN code) are the key to your account. Use your card to make a withdrawal or a payment – it’s easy, fast and secure. Worldwide!

  • Make cashless payments and withdraw cash worldwide - without having to worry about bank opening times or currency.
  • Lost your card? Statutory regulations mean that you are financially secured if your card is lost or stolen.
  • Save time and money: use the self-service facilities in Anadi branches with your Maestro ATM card.
  • Contactless: the swift and straightforward way to pay - no need to enter your PIN for amounts up to EUR 25.00.
  • GeoControl: worldwide protection against card misuse.
  • Only for Anadi PrimePlus account holders: your Maestro ATM card for your Anadi PrimePlus account in an exclusive design.
  • In addition to your Maestro ATM card you also have the option of the micro ATM card. This is stored in a wristband or on a keyring, meaning you are able to make payments at any time.
Maestro ATM  card with standard transaction limit Standard transaction limit: up to EUR 400.00 cash withdrawal per day and up to EUR 1,100.00 POS transaction limit per week EUR 28.56 p.a.
Maestro ATM card surcharge for cards with higher limit higher limit: All transactions exceeding the limit of EUR 400.00 cash withdrawal per day and up to EUR 1.100,00 at POS transaction limit per week EUR 10.83 p.a.
Reorder of Maestro ATM card with unchanged sequence number  (e.g. damage to the debit card or name change) EUR 10.98
Reorder of Maestro ATM card with new sequence number EUR 28.56
Card protector sleeve (magnetic strip protector) per item EUR 7.05
Transaction charge for Maestro ATM card - In non-EU countries and in foreign currencies - ATM withdrawal* EUR 1.82 plus 0.75 % of the amount withdrawn/transaction
Transaction charge for Maestro ATM card - In non-EU countries and in foreign currencies - Card payment* EUR 1.09 plus 0.75% of the payment amount/transaction

* Charged directly by the clearing bank Payment Services Austria GmbH.

Not included are any third-party fees agreed by the customer for cash disbursements at ATMs in Austria and abroad and fees charged by foreign POS terminals or ATM operators abroad. The fee is charged to the cardholder’s checking account together with the disbursement or payment amount.

Customer Guidelines for the Card Service and the Contactless Function.pdf - Only available in German.
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The Maestro ATM card features state-of-the-art security standards.

Maestro Vorderseite     
  1. Your Maestro ATM card is fitted with an EMV chip, which can process cash withdrawals and card payments in accordance with the internationally-recognised EMV standard (EMV = Europay MasterCard Visa).
  2. The name of the cardholder can be found on every Maestro ATM card - in combination with the personal PIN code, this means it can be unambiguously linked to a person.
  3. NFC (Near Field Communication): this symbol tells you that you can make contactless payments with your Maestro ATM card.
  4. Maestro logo: the blue-and-red Maestro trademark is always located on the right-hand side of the front of the card. It is possible to make cashless payments and withdraw cash at any place displaying this logo around the world.
  5. “Valid thru” date: the date showing when the Maestro ATM card will expire comprises the month and year of expiry (e.g. December 2011 = 12 / 11). The card is valid until the last day of the expiry month.

Maestro Rückseite     
  1. The magnetic strip contains all the data needed to process transactions. In Austria, all payments and cash withdrawals are processed through the EMV chip. A magnetic strip is also necessary to be able to use your Maestro ATM card abroad. Your Maestro ATM card is protected against misuse through the magnetic strip by the GeoControl function.
  2. Signature strip: every Maestro ATM card must be signed by the cardholder; otherwise the card is not valid.
  3. Card verification code / CVC: your Maestro ATM card is additionally protected against misuse by a card verification code.
  4. The card’s PAN - Primary Account Number - is a necessary prerequisite for you to be able to use your Maestro card for internet payments in future, and it is an important security feature to prevent unauthorised third parties being able to electronically read off your account data.
  5. The cardTAN logo shows you that your Maestro ATM card can be used in the authorisation process for Anadi Bank’s online / office banking systems. .
  • Personal PIN code: every POS transaction with a value of more than EUR 25.00 and every cash withdrawal must be authorised by entering the PIN code.
  • Limits: agreed limits for cash withdrawals and card payments ensure maximum clarity and security.
  • Complete security when outside of Europe thanks to GeoControl.
  • To protect your magnetic strip against defects, you can buy a metal magnetic strip protection case in any Anadi branch.

Micro ATM card

Tiger-strong banking with the
smallest Maestro ATM card in the world.