Cash pooling

Optimise the amount of interest you pay and receive, and manage liquidity yourself.

Using cash pooling, an add-on module within Anadi Office Banking, you create customised processes for effective cash management. The liquidity in various accounts denominated in the same currency are aggregated and allocated as needed. Combine the balances between the main account and sub-accounts each day on the basis of currency to optimise the net interest position and to manage liquidity.

What is the benefit of cash pooling?
  • Fewer overdrafts and as a result lower interest payments and better investment options.
  • Managing the main account improves the overall quality of your company, group or public entity.
  • No exchange losses or value date losses or settlement losses?
  • We take into account the back-valuation within the settlement period.
  • We will provide you with exact information for your financial management.
  • There is no need for manual entries for account management, saving you time.
What happens under cash pooling?
  • Balance transfer
  • Cash flows between the pooling accounts actually do take place.
  • Same-day value date for debit/credit balancing entries.
  • Consideration of pre- and back-valuation.
  • Zero balancing and base amounts are possible in pool accounts.
  • Interest posts to the main account at the end of the interest period.
  • We allow notional interest calculation for all pool accounts.
What do you need in order to use cash pooling?
  • Clarify tax and corporate situation within the group, company, public entity.
  • Anadi Bank office banking software. You can sign the agreement to participate in office banking when you open your account.
  • Enter into agreement with Anadi Bank
  • PC or laptop