eps bank transfer

eps bank transfer: The easy, straightforward and secure online payment system for web shops.

eps is an easy and secure online payment method for purchases made via the internet using online banking. It was developed by Austrian banks in cooperation with STUZZA (Studiengesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit im Zahlungsverkehr GmbH), the Austrian Research Association for Payment Cooperation.

The eps bank transfer is a front-end system based on the respective online banking systems of those banks offering eps. It enables all buyers to pay easily and securely when making purchases over the internet. Use your usual Anadi Bank online banking service: easy, familiar, convenient and secure.

For merchants, this means guaranteed processing of payments for products and services purchased from your web shop in the Austrian and German markets – without special technical requirements. If your customer pays using eps, the merchant receives instant payment confirmation.

Over 1,000 online shops already offer their customers fast, easy and secure payment using eps. Many electronic transactions for official business conducted in Austria use eps, because eps is the official method of payment for eGovernment.

How does eps work?

Your customer chooses goods or services in a web shop. He or she selects the method of payment “eps bank transfer” and is transferred to a central selection list of banks. After choosing the bank, the customer is then connected to the online banking service of his or her bank. After the payment has been successfully entered, the amount due is transferred to the merchant’s account. Buyer and merchant receive immediate electronic order confirmation.

How secure is eps?

eps uses SSL encryption and MD5 fingerprinting. The bank transfer interface in the online banking system is automatically prefilled with the data relevant to the payment order (recipient, amount, reference) – preventing errors or changes by the buyer and guaranteeing certain identification of the payment among receipts. The order process in the web shop is entirely separate from the payment process in the online payment system. Over the entire process, no bank-related data is ever disclosed or temporarily saved. Payment is released directly in the online banking system of the customer’s bank. No sensitive date is disclosed to the merchant.

Special information for merchants and buyers:
Web shop operators (merchants)
  • Highest level of security and protection for your data
  • High buyer and customer potential
  • Real-time payment confirmation
  • Easy to implement
  • Highest level of security and protection for your data
  • It can be used in the familiar online banking system environment
  • No additional registration necessary
  • No added cost
Details for web shop operators (merchants)

As a merchant, you receive instant payment confirmation by the issuing buyer’s bank. You no longer have to wait until payments are received. Using the unalterable recipient reference transmitted to you, the payment can be identified immediately, and the delivery of goods can be arranged or the download can be enabled as quickly as possible.

eps includes a real-time transaction guarantee: payment orders that have been verified and successfully accepted by the bank’s computer are instantly confirmed online and the transaction irrevocably executed.

With the eps payment method, you reach all of the online banking customers at those banks participating in this standard, thus opening your shop to many potential buyers. eps is also linked to the German online payment system “giropay”. In other words, you are also reaching all of the online banking customers of the German Sparkasse, Raiffeisenbank, Volksbank and Postbank. The eps bank transfer system is based on the e-payment standard available as an XML interface.

What prerequisites are needed?

A technical interface needs to be established. This links the web shop to the servers of the participating Austrian and German banks and savings banks. No special hardware is needed.

Information on technical implementation can be found on the STUZZA website under “eps interface”.Click here for information on the technical implementation of eps bank transfers.

If you would prefer not to implement eps in your web shop yourself, here is a list of IT service providers who are available to do it for you. Click here for a list of IT service providers.