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What is a joint account?

A joint account is an account with two account holders. With regard to powers of disposal, a distinction is made between the “AND account” (all persons with power of disposal over the account have to sign together) and the “OR account” (each account holder can make withdrawals and transfers on their own).

  • OR account: Each account holder can withdraw cash or make transfers quickly, without any special formalities. The OR account has a significant advantage in the event of the death of an account holder or if one of the two partners no longer has legal capacity, because the remaining account holder still has full access to the account. All direct debit transactions are carried out as planned.
  • AND account: With the AND account, the consent of all account holders is needed to carry out cash movements.
What is the power of disposal?

Only the account holder has full power of disposal. Power of disposal includes the following rights:

  • the right to issue and withdraw signature authorisation
  • the right to change the account name
  • the right to change the way the account statement is delivered
  • the right to apply for a debit card or a credit card

The account holder can issue signature authorisation on the account to one or more persons. The account holder determines whether the authorised signatories have disposal of the account on an individual or joint basis. The authorised signatories also have to provide Anadi Bank with confirmation of their identity in the form of an official photo ID.

Signature authorisation only allows the authorised signatory disposal of the current account (withdrawals, deposits, transfers).

How can I open an Anadi account?

You can open your Anadi account at your branch.
Your customer adviser will be glad to assist and will complete the application form for opening an account with you. For identification purposes, you just need to bring a form of ID (passport, personal ID card) with you to your Anadi branch.

You can open your Anadi account easily online from your home.
It is very easy to set up an online account: just open the account with our innovative online identity verification and use our online account switching service. The following are included: account management, Maestro debit card, credit card, overdraft facility, Internetbanking & app and online saving with an attractive interest rate.

Where do you find the IBAN and BIC?

You can find your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Bank Identifier Code) on your bank card, your account statement and in Internetbanking.

What does the IBAN consist of?

In Austria, the IBAN consists of 20 characters and includes the following elements:

  • 2-digit country code, e.g. Austria = AT
  • 2-digit check digit – this is different for each account
  • 5-digit bank sort code, e.g. Austrian Anadi Bank = 52000
  • 11-digit account number (shorter account numbers are lengthened to 11 digits by adding zeros at the beginning)
What is the BIC and what does it consist of?

The BIC is the internationally recognised bank code. The BIC – also referred to as the SWIFT code – is needed in addition to the IBAN as a secondary piece of information for international payments. With the BIC, banks anywhere in the world can be uniquely identified. If you are making transfers within the single euro payments area, the BIC is no longer necessary; only the IBAN has to be provided.

Tip: The Anadi Internetbanking order screen makes your bank transfers easy. Our Internetbanking memorises IBANs and names and fills in missing data which it already knows. This means that many transfers can be made with almost no effort at all. Open a cost-free online account now and benefit from the many advantages of Internetbanking.

Can the account also be opened as a joint account with a partner to whom you are not married?

Yes, a joint current account can generally be opened with any person you wish.

How and where do I get my account statements?

You can get information about the status of your current account at any time in your Internetbanking. You can also use the quick check function of our app, which gives you a quick overview of your account balances and transactions. You can also activate notifications in Internetbanking and get information about amounts paid into and out of your accounts.

You can get account statements either in paper form at your preferred Anadi branch “for collection” or have them delivered to your home, or you can get electronic account statements (e-statements) directly in Internetbanking under “Services” and “Safe Deposit Box”.

For Anadi online products, all information, including your account statements, is conveniently delivered in your Internetbanking. Do you still get your account statements in paper form? You can switch to e-statements at our Customer Care Center or with the help of your Anadi customer adviser.

How do I change my main account to Austrian Anadi Bank AG?

To ensure that your transactions can be processed as quickly as possible through your new Anadi account, you can authorise a switch from your old account to your new Anadi account. There are several ways of doing this:

  • Use the quick and uncomplicated online account switching service with FinReach GmbH
  • Execute the account switch in your branch with your Anadi customer adviser
  • Execute the account switch yourself.
What is the SEPA Direct Debit Core and what return periods does it provide?

The SEPA Direct Debit Core/COR1 scheme is similar to the present Austrian direct debit authorisation process and is mainly used for direct debits from customers who are consumers, although is also used for direct debits from corporate customers.

Right of refund where payment has been made by SEPA direct debit (SEPA Direct Debit Core)

To be able to collect amounts from your account by direct debit, a mandate (direct debit authorisation) needs to be issued.

If you object to a direct debit collection that has been made, the following refund periods are available to you:

  • Refund with a valid mandate (= direct debit agreement): 56 calendar days without statement of reasons.
  • Refund without a valid mandate (= direct debit agreement): 13 months from the date on which the amount was debited.

Comprehensive information on payment services can be found in our ZADIG brochure - Only in German available.

The Customer Care Center is glad to help you at the telephone number +43 (0)50202 0 from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

How do I provide proof of identity when opening an account?

Bei unseren Online-Produkten können Sie wählen zwischen:

1. Video identity verification:
Without having to leave your home, you can confirm your identity online in just a few steps on your desktop or mobile terminal (tablet, smartphone). After you have completed the online account opening process, we will send you a link to our online video identity verification platform. Click this link to start the online video identity verification process with our cooperation partner WebID Solutions GmbH. Find out more in this video: (only in German language)

2. Identity verification by postal correspondence:

You will receive your personal account opening documents by post. Complete and sign all documents and send them back to us. To provide proof of identity, send us (again, by post) a copy of your valid photo ID (passport, personal ID card). You can also use the convenient upload function in Internetbanking or during the account creation process to send us a copy of your valid photo ID (passport, personal ID card).

All additional accounts can be opened at one of our branches:
Anadi Bank has branches in Salzburg, Vienna, Styria and Carinthia. Complete the application forms for opening the account together with your Anadi customer adviser. You will find out all you need to know about the various account models and can select the account that is right for you.

With Internetbanking, am I restricted to bank opening times?

No. You can use Anadi Internetbanking around the clock, i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on 365 days a year. However, transfers, changes to standing orders, etc. will only be processed by our system during bank opening hours.

How do I get my Internetbanking access data?

Every time you open an account, you will receive your personal Internetbanking access data from us. When you open your account at one of our branches and also when you open an online product, you will receive your access data in the course of opening the account.

Within what period of time can Interentbanking transfers be revoked, and under what conditions?

Transfers that you have submitted in Internetbanking can be revoked or cancelled, provided Anadi Bank has not yet carried out your instruction. If the transfer has already been executed, the easiest and least expensive way is often to contact the payee and ask for the amount to be transferred back to you.

Do you have any further questions? The Customer Care Center is glad to help you at the telephone number +43 (0)50202 0 from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

What is the maximum cash withdrawal limit on the Maestro ATM card for my current account? How can I manage this?

The standard cash withdrawal limit at ATMs is EUR 400 per day or EUR 2,800 per week. For POS payments (payments made at payment terminals), an additional limit of EUR 1,100 per week is available as standard. There must be sufficient funds in your account to cover the payment in question.

In return for payment of an additional charge, it is possible to increase the standard availability limit for ATM and POS transactions. Please contact your Anadi customer adviser or our Customer Care Center.

How do I get my Maestro ATM card and my Maestro ATM card PIN?

After the account opening process has been completed, we will send you your Maestro ATM card and your ATM card PIN by separate letter.

How can I block cards?

If you notice a lost, stolen or improperly used Maestro ATM card or credit card, immediatly inform your branch or your account manager or one of the emergency blocking numbers. Definitely file a loss or theft report at the nearest police station.

Block your Maestro ATM card
  • Please report the loss or theft of your Maestro ATM card in your bank branch or to your account manager immediately after finding out.
  • After providing your IBAN and BIC as well as the card suffix, the card will be blocked.
  • In the case of loss or theft of the card, it must be reported additionally to the police.
Contact possibilities
Personal: at the respective bank office hours
Send an email to austrian@anadibank.com
call +43 (0)50202 0
Outside of bank office hours the 24 hour Maestro emergency blocking number is available at the following telephone numbers:
Emergency blocking number domestic: 0800 20488 00 toll free
Emergency blocking number for abroad: +43 (0)1 20488 00 subject to a charge

Block your Credit Card
card complete
Credit Cards

Tel.: +43 (0)1 71111 770
Fax: +43 (0)1 71111 559

PayLife Service Center
Tel: 059906 - 4500


What is GeoControl?

GeoControl helps to prevent magnetic strip-based cash withdrawals for Austrian Maestro ATM cards in particularly vulnerable regions outside of Europe. In this way, we protect you from potentially fraudulent misuse of your Maestro ATM card.

What is Skimming?

„Skimming“ means that manipulated ATMs copy the magnetic strip on a Maestro ATM card and PIN code entries are recorded. The stolen data can then be used by criminals for fraudulent cash withdrawals on specific ATMs in risk countries outside of Europe.

What does GeoControl cost?

Austrian Anadi Bank provides this service, which further increases the security of your Maestro ATM card, to you free of charge.

I will be travelling abroad soon, outside of Europe, and I will need the ATM function. Where can I deactivate GeoControl?

The function is active on your Maestro ATM card as standard, i.e. you cannot use your Maestro ATM card in risk countries.

You have three options for temporarily deactivating the function.

  • 1. In Internetbanking or in the Internetbanking app: log in to Internetbanking or the Internetbanking app. Under your personal profile you will find the menu item “Security”, and under that the function “GeoControl”. Select your Maestro ATM card, go to “Edit” and change the “GeoControl active” item to “No”. Then select the period of time for the function to be deactivated. You must then confirm the change with a TAN.
  • 2. Via your customer account manager or the Customer Care Center at Anadi Bank.
  • 3. Directly by telephone on the Maestro blocking hotline on: +43 1 204 88 00.
Where can I see if GeoControl has been deactivated?

You can see whether GeoControl is active or temporarily deactivated for your Maestro ATM card in your personal profile (“Profil” / “Security“ / “GeoControl”) in the Internetbanking system. The default setting for the function is active.

For how long can I deactivate GeoControl?

You can deactivate the GeoControl function for a maximum of three months through the Internetbanking system. In addition, the starting date for deactivation can be set no later than three months in the future. Reactivation of the protective function occurs automatically after the date you enter, or you can manually reactivate the function in the Internetbanking system. If you would like to deactivate GeoControl for a period longer than three months, please contact our Customer Care Center

How can I reactivate GeoControl?

GeoControl is automatically reactivated on the date you entered during the deactivation process. To activate the function manually, log in to Internetbanking or the Internetbanking app and activate GeoControl under your personal profile / “Security” / “GeoControl”. Or contact your customer account manager or the Anadi Bank Customer Care Center or the Maestro blocking hotline on: +43 1 204 88 00.

I have lost my Maestro ATM card and received a new one. Do I need to register the new card for GeoControl again?

No, your chosen settings will automatically be transferred to your new Maestro ATM card.

What precautions should I take when withdrawing money on ATMs both at home and abroad?
  • Always use your free hand to cover the keyboard when entering your PIN code
  • Avoid getting distracted when entering your PIN code.
  • Do not let others "help" you.
  • Do not give your card to others.
  • Never carry your PIN code on your person.
  • Immediately report any suspicions to the police or the operator of the ATM.
What is NFC / contactless payments?

NCF (Near Field Communication) technology enables contactless payments at ATM terminals and cash withdrawals at ATMs. The data is transferred wirelessly via “NFC” (Near Field Communication). In addition, you do not have to enter your PIN for amounts less than EUR 25.00 per transaction. This function can be used on all terminals showing the NFC symbol .

Contactless payment makes the payment process faster. NFC is an internationally valid standard for contactless data transmission over short distances. To activate the contactless payment function, you have to insert your card for the first transaction. For security purposes, you have to insert your card and enter your PIN after a maximum of 5 transactions of less than EUR 25.00 or EUR 125.00 in total.

In which shops can I make contactless payments?

Wherever you see the “Contactless indicator“ displayed .

What cards can be used for contactless payment?

All cards that can be used for contactless payment are marked with the corresponding logo “Contactless indicator” .

How do customers know if contactless payments can already be made with their cards?

Through the Logo "Contactless indicator" below the Maestro logo on the front of the bank card.  

Does the new technology mean that the card costs more? Are transactions subject to a charge?

No, the new technology does not mean that the card costs more. Contactless payments are free in the euro area in the same way as payments using a PIN. As a maximum, the posting lines are charged for, as previously, depending on the account model selected.

What can you expect due to this new technology?

Easy and fast payment of small amounts up to EUR 25.

  • no more fiddling with loose change.
  • highest safety standards through use of the proven EMV technology
Does the new contactless function have to be enabled/activated?

You activate the contactless function in the course of your first transaction by inserting your card and entering your PIN code. This procedure ensures that only the cardholder can activate the contactless function.

Up to what amount can I make payments using the contactless function?

You can pay amounts up to EUR 25.00 without having to enter your personal PIN code. For payments over EUR 25.00, the PIN code must be entered.

Will all amounts up to EUR 25.00 be processed contactless?

No, because the card owner decides whether he wants to carry out the transaction contactless or by inserting the card and entering the PIN code. The prerequisite is, naturally, that the terminal has the contactless function.

Within what distance does the card work contactless?

Up to a distance of 4cm from the terminal.

How do I know if a transaction/payment has been successful?

Through a visual and audible signal, the card owner is shown that the transaction has been successfully completed. You will then receive a printed receipt as usual.

Are there any restrictions for contactless payments with PayPass?

Yes. The limit for contactless payments without PIN is EUR 25. For customer safety: After a maximum of 5 contactless transactions in succession without a PIN, the 6th payment is made as usual by inserting the card and entering the PIN code. Also a "classic" purchase in a store or cash withdrawal with inserted card completely enables the contactless function again.

I have several cards with contactless function in my purse/wallet -
what happens if the purse/wallet is held up to the card reader?

Because in this event the terminal receives several impulses, two things can happen:

  • device does not recognise which card payment is to be taken from and therefore no payment takes place - simply take a card from your purse/wallet and hold it up to the device
  • amount will be debited from the card which reacts the "fastest"
Can the contactless payment function be deactivated on the card ?

A deactivation of the function is possible in exceptional cases at the request of the card owner to the Austrian Anadi Bank AG. If the contactless payment function is deactivated, a reactivation is no longer possible! Basically the card owner can decide - but it is important to note upon deactivation that there will soon be payment terminals which only accept contactless transactions (vending machines, parking meters, bakeries etc.). The card owner would be excluded from these forms of payment if the function is deactivated.

When does a deactivation take effect?

The processing of an application takes approximately one week from the signing of the deactivation declaration at the Austrian Anadi Bank AG. The deactivation of the contactless function on the card only takes effect when the next online chip transaction with inserted card is made by the customer, i.e. payment process with PIN entry or ATM transaction. With the deactivation, no further contactless transactions (including Quick contactless) are possible.

What safety mechanisms exist?
  • The limit for contactless purchases without PIN entry is limited to EUR 25 per individual transaction.
  • To verify the cardholder, the system requires traditional transactions with inserted card and PIN code at regular intervals. After a maximum of 5 contactless transactions in succession without a PIN, the 6th payment must be made as usual by inserting the card and entering the PIN code. Occasionally payment with PIN code entry may also be required before the 5th payment.
  • Since 2014, all Maestro ATM cards have been changed to a unique card number independent of the account number and bank details (such as credit cards). In other words; a connection to customer bank details no longer exists.
  • In addition, there are special card holders which protect the card 100%. These card holders are available in branches of Austrian Anadi Bank AG.
  • The risk is limited to a maximum of EUR 125. Once the card is locked, a maximum of EUR 75.
  • NFC is a globally established and proven technology that has been used for contactless payment in many countries for years. To date, no cases of misuse through illegal reading of card data is known.
  • Unintentional payments cannot happen, as the merchant has to activate the terminal for each separate transaction. Additionally, payment is only possible at a very short distance.
  • The card owner is shown that the transaction has been successfully completed through a visual and audible signal. Then a receipt is printed as usual.
Where can I pay using my Micro ATM card?

You can make payments or withdraw cash using your Micro ATM card anywhere in the world at any ATM terminal or ATM where you see the “contactless” symbol kontaktlos.

Can I choose a different PIN code for my Micro ATM card?

No. You use the same PIN code for your Micro ATM card as for your Maestro ATM card.

How long does the Micro ATM card remain valid?

Your Micro ATM card is renewed automatically after 5 years.

The Micro ATM card payment doesn’t work the first time – what is the reason for this?

You need to activate your Micro ATM card before you use it for the first time. You do this by making a purchase over EUR 25.00 and entering your PIN code.

How much can I pay for with my Micro ATM card and how much cash can I withdraw?

The overall limit per week for payments is EUR 1,100.00, provided the funds are available in your account.
You can pay amounts of less than EUR 25.00 quickly and easily without having to enter your PIN code, but only up to a maximum of EUR 125.00 in successive transactions per day. For each additional transaction you will need to enter your PIN. You can withdraw up to EUR 400.00 per day at ATMs, provided you have sufficient funds available in your account. You must always enter your PIN when withdrawing cash.

Where can I see payments that have been made using my Micro ATM card?

All transactions are shown on your bank statement and in the transaction summary in Internetbanking.

Can I also withdraw cash with my Micro ATM card?

Yes, you can withdraw cash at any NFC-capable (description text) ATM. You authorise each transaction using your PIN. To withdraw cash at ATMs, you need to enter your PIN code – no exceptions.

Where can I request a Micro ATM card?
  • Log in to the german version of Internetbanking using your access data.
  • Click the menue item “Produkte” and then select "Micro-Bankomatkarte".
  • Select "Erstebestellung" and follow the ordering process. .
  • Confirm your order with a TAN.
  • Your Micro ATM card will be sent to your home for your convenience.

Or you can contact our Customer Care Center on tel. +43 (0)50202 0or send us an email at austrian@anadibank.com.

My key ring/wristband is broken. How do I get a new one?
  • Log in to the german version of Internetbanking using your access data.
  • Click the menue item “Produkte” and then select "Micro-Bankomatkarte".
  • Select "Nachbestellung" and follow the ordering process. .
  • Confirm your order with a TAN.
  • Your Micro ATM card will be sent to your home for your convenience.

Or you can contact our Customer Care Center on tel. +43 (0)50202 0 or send us an email at austrian@anadibank.com.

Can I request a Micro ATM card if I don’t have a Maestro ATM card?

No, you can only order a Micro ATM card if you have a Maestro ATM card from Anadi Bank on your current account.

What do I do if I lose my Micro ATM card or if it is stolen?

Please block your Micro ATM card immediately!
You can do this by calling the 24 hour blocking hotline on 0800 204880. Alternatively, during Anadi Bank office hours, you can contact the Customer Care Center or your customer account manager.

Can I request a Micro ATM card if I don’t have a Maestro ATM card?

No, you can only order a Micro ATM card if you have a Maestro ATM card from Anadi Bank on your current account.

Can I participate in the customer loyalty programmes offered by various companies (e.g. Merkur, Billa) using my
Micro ATM card?


Does my Micro ATM card have to be signed on the back like my normal Maestro ATM card