Austrian Anadi Bank continues on its path of success and once again posts solid growth in the first half of 2019

  • 13% increase in total assets within one year, substantial new business growth, healthy credit profile
  • Profit on ordinary activities 19% above the previous year
  • Digital innovation and agility are important success factors
  • Austrian Anadi Bank as challenger bank: new Loan Shop, fully digital “iSME Loan” and “iMortgage” online products


Christoph Raninger, CEO of Austrian Anadi Bank, is pleased about the favourable half-year results for 2019: “The encouraging pace of growth in new lending business shows that our “challenger” banking model is gaining momentum and is appealing to our customers. As a result, we were able to successfully continue our growth trajectory in the first half of 2019, while maintaining a healthy credit profile.” The CEO's explicit goal: doubling the number of customers within the next three years.

Corporate and Retail turn in another strong performance
Since the beginning of the year, Anadi Bank was able to grow its total assets by 3.5% to EUR 3.18 billion (31.12.2018: EUR 3.07 billion), which represents an increase of around 13% compared to the asset base in the first half of 2018. Main driver of this positive development is the bank’s net growth in loans and advances to customers, which increased by EUR 110 million to EUR 2.27 billion in the first 6 months of 2019. The core business areas of Retail (+6.7%) and Corporate (+5%) were able maintain the positive growth momentum from the previous year and significantly expanded the lending volume in their respective sectors. At the end of the first two quarters of 2019, Anadi Bank has posted a total of EUR 335 million in new business, which corresponds to a 7% increase compared to the same period in 2018. Accordingly, at EUR 2.96 million, the profit on ordinary activities increased by 19% compared to the first 6 months of 2018.

Stable base of primary funds, capital ratios well above minimum requirements
On the liabilities side, customer deposits slightly increased to EUR 1.68 billion as of June 2019 (31.12.2018: EUR 1.67 billion), hence, the bank continues to maintain a very stable and solid primary funding base. All essential capital ratios remain well above the regulatory minimum requirements and with an NPL ratio of 1.9%, the bank also continues to maintain a very healthy credit profile.

The bank of the future: as simple as a coffee machine
CEO Christoph Raninger focuses on simple, user-friendly online products with efficient processing applications. “Our goal is to reduce the time between loan application and approval to maximum ten minutes. A straightforward application process and quick decision-making are very important when it comes to lending products.” Based on the continuously evolving process automation of its digital core products, Austrian Anadi Bank is positioned to challenge traditional banking models. In times of fundamental changes in the banking industry, lean structures, high efficiency and leading time to market are the challenger bank´s core elements which defines its distinct competitive advantage over its competitors. “Today, using a bank must be as simple as using a coffee machine: three product selection buttons at the top, an engaging and efficient production process and out comes a good product in no time”, explains the Anadi CEO.
Anadi Bank has evolved from a regional bank in Carinthia to a steadily growing hybrid bank with offices across Austria. Driven by technology and digital innovation, Anadi Bank continuously develops advanced products such as the paperless consumer “iLoan”, which underpins its role as a challenger bank. Key strategic focus remains on completing its online product offering, on further increasing process automation through digitization and hence continuously enhance the digital value chain of Anadi Bank.

Simple, fast and innovative: challenger of traditional banks
Another major step for Anadi Bank was the opening of its first Loan Shop for consumer loans in Vienna. While customers can consult with professional advisors, a high level of process automation allows for quick credit decisions within ten minutes without compromising quality standards.
Later this year, Anadi Bank will extend its online product portfolio with the fully digital “iSME Loan” for SME financing and the “iMortgage” online product for real estate financing. With such product features, which are particularly user friendly and efficient based on a high level of automation, Anadi Bank will add another important element to its competitive edge.

About Austrian Anadi Bank AG
Austrian Anadi Bank AG is an Austrian mobile hybrid bank operating in the business segments of Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and Public Finance. With its modern hybrid approach, Anadi Bank challenges traditional banking models: while offering face-to-face customer coverage through mobile advisors and a team of customer care agents, Austrian Anadi Bank also deploys easy-to-use digital services and continues to develop its digital value chain. As the principal bank of numerous SMEs operating in the trade, industry and real estate sectors, the bank makes targeted use of the advantages of its lean structure. With fast decision-making routes and in-depth product knowledge, the bank is able to develop tailor-made and smart solutions for companies. At 15 locations in Carinthia, Styria and Vienna, around 340 employees provide banking services for more than 58,000 customers. In addition to the branches, mobile sales units in Vienna, Styria, Salzburg and Carinthia provide points of access for consulting with customers on-site. As of 31.12.2018, Austrian Anadi Bank’s total assets stood at EUR 3.1 billion, and its POA at around EUR 7 million. The bank and its owners are committed to stable, long-term growth.

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