Wulfenia Savings Account

As unique as the Carinthian wulfenia flower.

With the Wulfenia savings account, saving is attractive and flexible.

  • Short commitment period of 3-months
  • Indicator 3-month Euribor plus a surcharge of 0.15% less capital gains tax (KESt).
  • The interest rate is adjusted quarterly on the first of January, April, July and October (1.1., 1.4., 1.7. and 1.10.) of each year, based on the reference date value per 15th of the month preceding the respective adjustment.
  • Further amounts can be paid in at any time during the commitment period.
  • Part amounts or your whole deposit can be withdrawn before the end of the 3-month period at any time. If you do make a premature withdrawal, a penalty* is charged.

* If you make a premature withdrawal, a penalty is charged in accordance with § 32 (8) of the Austrian Banking Act (BWG) in the amount of 1 per mille of the amount withdrawn for each full month in which the commitment period has not been observed. Conditions apply until further notice. All information subject to change. Last updated: June 2014.


More information about Wulfenia Savings Account

Special conditions for the "Wulfenia Savings Account“

The binding period for savings deposits is 3 months, each expiring binding period being followed by a further binding period of 3 months. Interest is deemed agreed on an indicator-linked basis (indicator: 3 month Euribor plus a premium of 0.15%). Interest is adjusted quarterly on 1.1., 1.4., 1.7. and 1.10. of each year on the basis of the reference date value per 15th of the month preceding the respective adjustment. The interest rate changes by the number of percentage points by which the indicator has changed in the comparison period. Any changes to be made will be commercially rounded to 1/10 of a percentage point.

In other respects the “General Conditions for Savings Deposits” as amended apply, which are made known by display at the counter in the business premises of Austrian Anadi Bank AG. Version: July 2014

How secure is your account with Austrian Anadi Bank?
The Deposit Protection - don´t worry about your savings.

The statutory Deposit Protection secures your capital and your interest:

  • Savings accounts
  • Current accounts
  • Home buyers savings plans

Per investor and per bank up to a total amount of EUR 100,000.

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