Power Kombi

Power Combo

A savings account plus investment funds is a "strong duo”

A savings account, selected funds from the fund master list and our unparalleled advisory expertise are the corner stones for a successful investment.

Basic Information
  • Minimum capital requirement EUR 10.000 *
  • Interest on savings account 1.66% per annum for 12 months
  • Minimum capital requirement is divided (50% savings account and 50% funds)
  • Fund proportion not tied to a term
  • Selection of the fund from the Austrian Anadi Bank AG fund master list

You have a wide range of funds to choose from for the Power-Combo.

The funds available have different risk profiles. Therefore, there are designed formations of power-combo according to your risk propensity. Generally riskier formations of Power-Combo have both higher chances of profit as well as higher risk of loss.
Any investment in a fund is associated with a risk and even a total loss of the invested funds cannot be ruled out. Your advisor will help you select the appropriate combination according to your willingness to take risks.

Yield, safety and liquidity are the most important features of a successful investment. With the Power-Combo you combine top interest rates, the possibility to dispose of your assets at any time and excellent opportunities for additional income through selected funds from the funds master list of the Austrian Anadi Bank AG. The overall return of the Power-Combo can be reduced due to the performance of the fund and the fees and expenses (e.g. issue surcharge) or the investment performance turns out negatively overall. But this is only one of many reasons why we take extensive advisory support very seriously.

  • Attractive interest rate on savings account
  • Additional income possible through selected funds
  • Fund selection specially adapted to your risk profile
  • Investment funds are subject to market and liquidity risks
  • Overall return of the Power-Combo can be reduced due to the performance of the fund and the fees and expenses (e.g. issue surcharge) or the investment performance turns out negatively overall.
  • In principal: Riskier investment = higher chances of profit but also higher risk of loss.

*Investments can be made from EUR 10,000.00, half of the capital amount being invested in a savings account at 1.66 % per annum interest (less CGT) – if the full term of 12 months is observed – and the other half being invested in a selected investment fund of the “Fondsmasterlisten Standard und Spezial” (Standard and special funds master list) published by Austrian Anadi Bank AG. In the event of premature withdrawal of the savings account balance, penalty interest of 1/1000 of the withdrawal amount per complete month of the non-observed binding period is charged in accordance with § 32 (8) of the Austrian Banking Act (BWG). The “Fondsmasterlisten Standard und Spezial” represents a selection of investment funds by Austrian Anadi Bank AG, which must fulfil certain objective quality criteria (such as a defined minimum rating of the investment funds, a certain level of sustainability of performance, and access to corresponding information material).

Disclaimer: This is an advertising communication intended exclusively for information purposes, which is applicable exclusively in Austria and is directed only at Austrian investors. It is not under any circumstances a substitute for professional advice based on the investor and the investment product in question, or comprehensive clarification of the risks involved (each product has a different risk level). It is not an offer or request to buy or sell, or an invitation to submit an offer, or a recommendation to buy or sell. The applicable conditions as set out in the respective published prospectus for the investment instrument and the “Key Investor Documents” (KID) are exclusively authoritative; these (including any amendments thereto) can be obtained free of charge in German at any of the branches of Austrian Anadi Bank AG, Domgasse 5, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee or can be found at www.austrian-anadi- bank.com. Shares in funds may only be offered for purchase or sold in legal systems in which such an offer or sale is permitted. Thus our investment funds as set out in the “Fondsmasterlisten Standard und Spezial”** may not be directly or indirectly offered or sold to citizens of the United States of America or persons resident there. No guarantee provided in regard to figures. Subject to alteration. Last updated March 2016. Author: Austrian Anadi Bank AG, Domgasse 5, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Commercial Register number FN 245157a/Klagenfurt Regional Court