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Anadi Depot & Online-Wertpapierhandel

With the „Anadi Depot & Online-Wertpapierhandel“ is the stock exchange wherever you are.

Trade now at your branch or online. Whatever the time, wherever you are – with the „Anadi Depot und Online-Wertpapierhandel“, we bring the stock exchange to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. 

This way, you can make your investment decisions yourself, quickly and flexibly. Of course, you can also continue to place your securities orders with your Anadi customer service representative.

Your advantages.

  • Product advantages

    In Anadi Online Banking you have an overview of your securities custody account at all times, and you can respond to price fluctuations 24/7.

  • Product advantages

    An easy and innovative way to keep an eye on your securities custody account. Flexible and independent.

  • High security standards ensure that access to your securities custody account


Fast access to the financial markets

With the „Anadi Depot und Online-Wertpapierhandel“, you have fast and flexible access to the financial markets – with your customer service representative at your Anadi Bank branch or online.

To carry out your securities transactions on the Internet, all you need is a securities custody account and a clearing account to go with it at Anadi Bank, and personalised access data to online banking.

You can open a securities custody account and a clearing account at any branch of Anadi Bank. The customer service representative will conduct the initial interview and the necessary process for confirming your identity. If the clearing account/custody account is intended to be used by more than one person, we ask you to open the account jointly with all account users/authorised signatories.

Clear benefits for your investment decisions


  • In Anadi Online Banking you have an overview of your securities custody account at all times, and you can respond to price fluctuations 24/7.
  • You can be flexible and independent – securities orders can be placed wherever you have access to the Internet or a telephone. The stock exchange prices you need are available to you in Anadi Online Banking (although there is a time delay of at least 15 minutes).
  • High security standards (personalised access data, encrypted data transmission) ensure that access to your securities custody account and any communication between you and Anadi Bank are protected.

Online – efficiently at your side

In Online Banking, you will now also be trading in securities within our online securities trading system. Experience the new form of trading with Aktien und Co. You can buy and sell securities in online securities trading – quickly, easily and conveniently.

Online securities trading offers you comprehensive market data with charts, current prices and key figures, so that you can trade on the basis of well-founded information.

We keep you up to date automatically with our messaging service (alerting). Please note that buying and selling securities is associated with risks, and that in the worst case you may lose the entire capital invested. For further information, please refer to the customer information brochure concerning the EU Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID II).

  • Securities custody account and settlement account
  • Agreement on conducting transactions by telephone and telefax
  • Access details for online banking & app
  • Internet access, current browser
  • Market and price information (near real-time)*
  • Purchase price changes (retroactive recording of purchase prices)
  • Messaging service (alerting) for prices (purchase/sale of securities)
Security custody account overview
  • Overview of securities custody account
  • Display of clearing accounts including balances
  • Price valuation for individual positions in the account*
  • Overall securities custody account valuation*
  • Overall performance of securities custody account (in absolute figures and in percentage terms)
  • Total purchase value
  • Display of news, stock quote and chart for each position
Security trading
  • Transaction overview (display/history of all settled orders
  • Order book (display/status of all orders)
  • Maturity overview (display/status of maturities for securities in the account)
  • Purchase, sale and cancellation orders
  • Orders issued via Internet or telephone

*at least 15 minutes time delay

Tradable securities

Shares, bonds, participation certificates, subscription warrants, ETFs, investment funds

Trading venues

XETRA Vienna, XETRA Frankfurt
Trading floors: Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover
US stock exchanges: AMEX, NASDAQ, New York
European stock exchanges: SIX Swiss Exchange, Euronext Paris, Euronext Amsterdam, Euronext
Brussels, London Stock Exchange

Stock exchange GTCs T

The currently applicable stock exchange GTCs can be found on our website depot-online-wertpapierhandel

Stock exchange from  to
XETRA Wien 9:00 17:30
XETRA Frankfurt 9:00 17:30
Frankfurt 8:00 20:00
Stock exchange Stuttgart 8:00 22:00
Stock exchange Berlin 8:00 20:00
Stock exchange Düsseldorf 8:00 20:00
Stock exchange Hamburg 8:00 20:00
Stock exchange Hannover 8:00 20:00
Stock exchange München 8:00 20:00
American Stock Exchange (AMEX) 15:30 22:00
Nadaq Stock Exchange 15:30 22:00
New York Stock Exchange 15:30 22:00
Euronext Paris 9:00 17:35
Euronext Amsterdam 9:00 17:30
Euronext Brüssel 9:00 17:30
SIX Swiss Exchange 9:00 17:20
London Stock Exchange 9:00 17:30

Online securities trading in online banking is available 24/7. Securities orders via the Internet can be recorded in accordance with the applicable “Terms and Conditions for Securities Custody Accounts & Online Securities Trading”. Provided no manual intervention is necessary (e.g. due to a system error), orders will be forwarded at the normal stock exchange business hours. Orders which are issued by telephone to your customer service representative during branch opening times (as shown on the Internet at in the side menu “Standorte” (branches)) will be recorded in the system by the customer service representative partner.

Customer Care Center service hours

In the event of any technical issues you can contact the staff of the Customer Care Center on bank business days from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm by telephoning +43 (0) 50202 0 or sending an email to

The above prices and services are purely an extract from the currently applicable notice of charges pursuant to § 35 of the Austrian Banking Act [BWG] as charged by Austrian Anadi Bank AG, which is available for inspection in the counter area. 

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More about „Anadi Depot & Online-Wertpapierhandel“

Important information about Anadi Depot & Online-Wertpapierhandel (Third-party charges and fees, terms and conditions, MiFID II customer information brochure, ...)

Below we have the most important information for you to download:

Securities Custody Account with added value (PDF)
  • download
Third-party charges and fees
  • download
Overview of our services and prices for online banking
  • download
Recommendation concerning online banking security
  • download
LEI Informationsblatt (.pdf)
  • download
NCI Informationsblatt (.pdf)
  • download
EU-directive on markets in financial instruments (MIFID II) customer information brochure (.pdf)
  • download
Do you still have questions? We are pleased to be at your service.

In the event of any technical issues you can contact the staff of the Customer Care Center on bank business days from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm by telephoning +43 (0) 50202 0 or sending an email to