Investment funds

Investment funds are a modern and simple investment opportunity.

Investment funds represent joint ownership of the assets of the respective fund. With investment funds you can enjoy the investment according to the principle of risk diversification. Depending on their investment guidelines, funds comprise a variety of different issuer and securities categories. Extensive product diversity enables investors to have investments in various markets and asset classes. And with a low capital investment.

The three main types are bonds, shares and mixed funds. The investment policy of an investment fund substantiate the scope of fund management in the asset allocation (for example, weighting of countries, regions, industries, foreign currency, etc.). An active fund management offers investors the chance to profit from the changes in the capital markets.

The risk of investment fund certificates depends on the investment policy and the performance of the underlying markets. Note that unlike with bonds, with investment funds there is generally no redemption and therefore no fixed redemption price. The performance of investment funds can also be negative and lead to loss of invested capital. Generally fund shares may be redeemed at any time at the redemption price. In exceptional circumstances the redemption until the sale of the fund's assets and the receipt of the proceeds may be temporarily suspended.

Fund Master List

The fund master list (standard and special) is an overview of our range of funds. In addition, we are also happy to arrange contracts for the purchase/sale of other funds for you.




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