Staatlich geförderte Pensionsvorsorge

State-Sponsored Pension Insurance

Make provisions for your retirement

Private pension insurance is important for everybody who wishes to keep their familiar standard of living during retirement. In the case of state-sponsored pension insurance, you get funding from the state and you do not pay any insurance tax or capital gains tax. Start a customized pension insurance policy already today.

  • 4.25 % state premium subsidy for 2017
  • Maximum sponsored premium of EUR 2,742.98 per year or EUR 229.00 per month
  • No income tax nor capital gains tax for pension payments
  • No insurance tax for premiums
  • Minimum term of 10 years
  • Security through capital guarantee
  • Life-long guaranteed pension

More information about state-sponsored pension insurance

State sponsoring
Receive a 4.25% state subsidy for the year 2017.

Your payments will be sponsored by the state up to EUR 2,742.98 per year. In the year 2017 you receive 4.25 % on premiums paid by you. Benefit from the advantages of premium pension starting already from EUR 25.00 per month or EUR 300.00 per year. Decide for yourself which premium you wish to pay into the premium-favored retirement savings.
Early disbursement of the existing capital is already possible after the minimum term of 10 years.

Benefit from the tax advantages of a premium pension.

Do you want your pension to be paid in steady payments? Perfect. Then you will save yourself insurance tax, income tax and capital gains tax.

Stay on the winning side guaranteed.

The Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG guarantees you pension payments of at least the premiums paid and the state subsidy. This way you benefit from the possibilities of investing in capital markets, yet you avoid the risk of losing your paid capital and the state subsidy. The Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG takes on this risk for you. This guarantee also applies in the case of death during the savings phase and increases by a further 50 % in the case of accidental death.

The Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG guarantees you pension payments based on the current valid pension rates at the time of conclusion of the agreement. Because: As a rule, increasing life expectancy leads to a lower pension if calculated according to the valid pension rates at the time of pension begin. In order for the pension payments to remain constant, either the savings in the contract must be higher, or the valid pension rates at the time of conclusion of the agreement must be guaranteed.

Earning potential and tax freedom

The state-sponsored pension insurance offers you earning potential through investment in bonds and shares. With additional term insurance you and your family are secured. The product grants a capital guarantee on the paid premiums and the state subsidies.

Tax freedom

The capital gains earned and the state subsidies received are completely free from taxation according to the current legal situation. Neither capital gains nor income taxes are accrued; furthermore, your premiums do not include any insurance tax. If you should opt for a one time capital payment instead of the monthly pension payments, it will result in a subsequent taxation of 25 % on the capital gains. In addition, half of the state subsidies received must be reimbursed. The entire tax freedom and the complete payment of the subsidies are thus dependent on how you receive the capital gains.

Capital guarantee

The premiums paid, including state subsidies, are guaranteed in the case of payment as pension or as a capital payment in reference to legal old-age, disability, or occupational disability pension. In the case of a one-time payment, otherwise, as a matter of principle, the existing policy reserve is paid. In the case of death during the premium payment term, the paid premiums, including the state subsidies, are guaranteed. In the case of accidental death, the guaranteed payment is increased by 50 %. Please take note of the fiscal consequences of a one-time disbursement (subsequent taxation of capital gains to the amount of 25% and reimbursement of half of the state subsidies.). The aforementioned example statements are for informational purposes only and do not represent an offer in the legal sense; they do not replace, by any means, individualized consultation or comprehensive risk disclosure. The aforementioned statements are based on carefully selected sources. No liability is assumed for the completeness, correctness, and current validity of the available documents or the sources mentioned; liability and compensation claims, which result from the usage or non-usage or the use of incorrect or incomplete information are excluded.


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