Multi Protect

Multi Protect

Living Expense Insurance – When your body no longer works properly

A sudden accident or a serious illness can quickly lead to an existential threat. Multi Protect secures your standard of living and makes special treatments or therapies possible during illness. Multi Protect from the Wiener Städtischen helps you out in case of emergency, to balance out an impending income loss, to continue covering fixed costs and thus to maintain your familiar standard of living. Inexpensive and uncomplicated.

  • Living expense insurance for extreme life situations
  • Ideal for manual workers, self-employed persons or young families
  • Claim paid in the case of serious health impairments
  • The service is not tied to occupational disability
  • Free from compulsory premium payment while receiving pension
  • Fee system independent of profession
  • Free choice of pension sum
  • Starting age 16 to 55 years
  • Minimum insurance term 10 years

More about Multi Protect

Product information

The minimum age requirement is 16 years.
The maximum starting age is 55 years.
The minimum insurance term is 10 years.

Multi Protect offers comprehensive protection

In the case of loss of basic abilities, such as sight, hearing, ability to walk or stand, in the case of illness or in the case of the need for care, starting at care level 1 (current status of 2016), you receive the insured pension sum for the duration of the health condition, up to the age of 65. In the case of cancer, we will pay you a one-time capital payment to the amount of 36 months of pension payments.

Multi Protect offers adequate coverage depending on the situation. For this reason a one-time payment is included for cancer, because in this case it is often necessary to finance the best possible treatment. In other cases, monthly payments help.

Monthly payment

In the case of a claim, with the exception of cancer, a monthly payment is paid – until the age of 65. With regular income you can meet your financial responsibilities and, of course you pay no more premiums. You determine the sum of the monthly payment beforehand.

One-time capital investment

In the case of cancer, the claim is paid as a one-time disbursement. This sum is the equivalent of 36 monthly payments, or in other words, three times the yearly pension. This offers you financial freedom for possibly arising treatment expenses and therapies.


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