Guaranteed Pension

With a guaranteed interest rate and flexible profit assessment

The Wiener Städtischen multi award-winning guaranteed pension is a good complement to your social insurance. It offers the guaranteed interest rate of a classic life insurance. You can take out your guaranteed pension already today – or whenever you want. Wait until retirement to start and make a one-time payment and the monthly pension begins immediately.

  • A guaranteed interest rate
  • Profit assessment during the investment phase, classically or unit-linked
  • Flexible utilization in the case of changed pension starting date
  • Selectable period of pension payments
  • Capital reimbursement or pension for surviving dependents
  • Calculation of pension on the basis of the current pension rates at the time of conclusion of the contract
  • Additional services upon request, e.g. Family Plus

More about guaranteed pension

Premiums and disbursement/ongoing premiums/single premium payment

It is possible to pay for your premiums monthly, continuously save or to secure your guaranteed pension with a single premium payment. Just as you wish. You choose the savings period and the time of disbursement. It is mostly common to choose the time of retirement, but that is not necessary. The guaranteed pension is independent from the state pension.

You can sign up for your pension policy at the actual time of your retirement. If you begin retirement sooner than planned, your pension will be paid out at this time. If you begin retirement later than agreed upon in the pension plan, your agreement will be extended until then.

The pension is paid out exactly according to your individual needs. You determine the term of the pension disbursement. You decide if, in the case of death, your surviving dependents should be reimbursed the remaining capital or they should continue to receive the pension payments.

Remain flexible when it comes to assessment

As a pension plan, you pay no income tax or capital gains tax for your gains during the savings period. Furthermore, under certain conditions, you can set off the premiums against taxes as special expenses.


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