Funeral Expense Insurance

Financial help in the case of death

Death is an unavoidable part of our life. A person says their final goodbyes, and what remains is grief and helplessness. Funeral expense insurance helps surviving dependents get through a very difficult time, and to easier bear the financial burden.

  • Individual choice of premium payouts (recurring or one-time disbursement)
  • Financial help with funeral expenses
  • Organizational assistance from experts
  • Funeral type and grave maintenance can be decided in advance by you
  • Financial support for your dependents

More about funeral expense insurance

Funeral expenses

The expenses that arise from a funeral are often underestimated. Imagine for once how you would like your funeral to be organized and all the steps that need to be fulfilled. You will notice that, in addition to the direct expenses, non-negligible additional expenses arise, such as for the obituary, wreaths, mourning clothes, etc.

Our cooperation partner, the Wiener Verein, offers you insurance solutions, which guarantee comprehensive financial coverage of the arising costs, in fact, quickly and non-bureaucratically. Furthermore, our cooperation partner, the Wiener Verein offers your relatives their experience and assistance, regardless where the death takes place, in Austria or abroad.

Transport costs

We are becoming more and more mobile; the whole world is accessible to anyone. Travel, vacation, and visits to health resorts belong to our daily agenda. Because of this, the number of deaths away from the place of residence has increased. In this case, transport costs arise which are often much higher than the cost of the funeral itself.

Our cooperation partner, the Wiener Verein, organizes all formalities worldwide for the transport and bears the related expenses. Great assistance and relief for your surviving dependents.

Grave maintenance

A lovingly maintained grave is a sign of our connection. For many relatives, however, grave maintenance is not possible due to the physical location or because of time restraints.

  • For an additional premium, the Wiener Verein will also take care of the costs of grave maintenance.
  • With Grave Maintenance Insurance, or a Grave Maintenance Deposit, you decide how long and which way your grave should be maintained and decorated.
  • The Wiener Verein organizes everything: starting with the gardener, the payment processing and on to the quality control of the work.

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