Mortgage Loan

With our mortgage loan, your future is on a firm footing

Have you already got a property in mind? Then ask us to help you put down the first and most important foundation stone: the financing. Anadi Bank is your strong partner when it comes to financing your home. You can count on us – with our know-how, service, flexibility and above all our attractive fixed interest home financing.

Ensure attractive interest rates for your home financing now

Select the attractive fixed interest rate option with terms of 10, 15 or 20 years for your mortgage loan. Ensure favourable fixed interest rates for the coming years and eliminate worries about future interest rate hikes. Financing models with fixed interest periods offer security from adverse market fluctuations for a specific period and ensure long-term predictable rates.

The advantages for you

  • Product advantages

    Flexible financing with variable or fixed interest rates

  • Product advantages

    Long-term repayment

  • Quick decision-making in regard to your loan

Calculation example for a residential housing loan :
Loan amount EUR 170,000.00
Term 324 months (27 years)
Borrowing rate 1.40% p.a.variable interest rate (indicator 3-month Euribor plus surcharge of 1.710 percentage points)
Monthly instalment EUR 637.00
Processing fee EUR 1,700.00 (one-off payment)
Credit check EUR 20.00 (one-off payment)
Account management charge EUR 53.75 p.a.
Registration fee EUR 2,652.00 (one-off payment)
Land Register inquiri EUR 30.00 (one-off payment)
Valuation costs EUR 250.00 (one-off payment)
Total costs EUR 40,832.00 (including interest, commission, taxes and costs of all kinds)
Total loan amount EUR 165,348.00
Total amount EUR 206,180.00
Annual percentage rate of charge 1,7109% p.a.
Collateral Maximum amount mortgage on 130% of the loan amount (= EUR 221,000.00)

Assumption: creation of own home; ancillary costs and residual purchase price to be financed out of customer’s own funds.