Mortgage Loan

Surprise your loved ones with a perfect home just for them

This is how favourably you can finance home ownership! Interest rate starting from 1.2% interest rate p.a.*! So get rid of your rental agreement and start owning a home of your own. Let’s get everything set up for starting a new life in your own four walls.

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*Representative sample calculation:

Assumption: Costs for the construction of an owner-occupied home EUR 250,000.00, financing amount EUR 170,000.00, ancillary costs and residual purchase price to be financed out of your own funds. Collateral: maximum amount mortgage on 130% of the loan amount.

Based on a loan amount of EUR 170,000,00 and a term of 324 months, the monthly repayment amount is EUR 637.00 at a borrowing rate of 1.40% p.a. variable (indicator 3-month EURIBOR plus surcharge of 1.71 percentage points).
The total loan amount comes to EUR 163,648,00 the total costs are EUR 42,574.00 (including interest, commission, taxes and costs of all kinds), the effective annual interest rate is 1.7969% p.a., the total amount to be paid is EUR 206,222.00, the processing fee (one-off) is EUR 3,400.00, the credit check fee (one-off) is EUR 20.00, the account management charge is EUR 54.93 p.a., the registration fee (one-off) is EUR 2,652.00, the Land Register enquiry fee (one-off) is EUR 30.00, and the valuation costs (one-off) are EUR 250.00.
Last updated:June 2019.