Housing Subsidy

Make use of your entitlement from the housing subsidy scheme.

The Office of the Carinthian Provincial Government provides housing subsidy loans to many people in Carinthia. With the housing subsidy, the Provincial Government supports the creation and upkeep of housing. The housing subsidy is a significant social instrument and an important driver for the economy.

From the start of the subsidy measures in 1954, the housing subsidy loans allocated by the Office of the Carinthian Provincial Government in Carinthia have been managed by Austrian Anadi Bank AG. We also manage loans provided by the Landes-Wohn- und Siedlungsfonds des Landes Kärnten (provincial housing fund of the Province of Carinthia). The housing subsidy laws passed between 1954 and 2017, together with their respective amendments, form the basis of our activity.

Austrian Anadi Bank  is the contact partner for all recipients of subsidies in regard to any questions they may have concerning account management, account balance information and repayments, and we provide efficient management of subsidy loans for customers who are building their own homes.

For queries relating to the subject of the “housing subsidy”, please contact the Landes-Wohnbauförderung (provincial housing subsidy) team at Austrian Anadi Bank AG.

Carmen Blaßnig

Carmen Blaßnig
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Kerstin Schmutzer
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