Consumer Credit

Financial freedom to realise your dreams.

Whether you want to make some home improvements, or to finance for the holiday you’ve always longed for, a consumer loan from Anadi Bank offers you the financial freedom you need for your purchases. The term of the loan and the repayments are flexible, with repayments in monthly flat rate instalments. We will help you with the first and most important step: the financing. Quickly, simply and with highly favourable interest rates.

The advantages for you

  • Product advantages

    Favourable interest rate from 2.80% p.a.

  • Product advantages

    Many different possible users for your financing

  • Fast and fuss-free processing

*The following table shows a non-binding representative example of a consumer loan:
Loan amount EUR 18,000.00
Term 96 months 
Borrowing rate 5.60 % p.a. variable interest rate (indicator 3-month EURIBOR plus surcharge of 5.91 percentage points)
Processing fee EUR 360.00 (one-off payment)
Account management charge EUR 54.93 p.a.
Credit check EUR 20.00 (one-off payment)
Total costs EUR 5,220.00.00 (including interest, commission, taxes and costs of all kinds)
Annual percentage rate of charge 7.00 % p.a.
Collateral Unsecured
Monthly instalment EUR 238.00
Total amount EUR 22,840.00
Total loan amount EUR 17,620.00

The interest rate depends on the customer’s credit rating and ranges between 2.8% and 8.0% p.a.