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Our Internetbanking is easy to use, innovative and designed to be device-independent. That means that all functions which are available on computers are also available on tablets and smart phones. A quick banlance check, a glance at your securities portfolio, defining a savings goal in order to save up for a long-desired wish or simply finding out what you spent that money on with your personal finance manager? All of this is very simple with Anadi Bank´s Internetbanking & App - full featured- Banking for home and on the go.

You want a free online account with top service? Then online account is the ideal product for you. Or you want online savings and to still have daily access to your money and to look forward to attractive interest rates? Then online savings is the ideal product for you. If you want to tie your money to attractive interest rates for a manageable period of time, then online time deposit is exactly the right choice for you. With online video legitimization, signing up is only a stone´s throw away.


Online Account

The free online account with top extra services.

Open a new free online account at Anadi Bank now for your ongoing salary/wage/pension payments – easy to do online.

  • Anadi Online Loan
    Anadi Online Loan

    Austria’s first paperless online loan.

  • Anadi Online-Sparen
    Anadi Online Savings

    Rich spoils at a mouse click. Now with online video legitimization

  • Anadi Online-Festgeld
    Anadi Online Time Deposit

    Tie your money to attractive interest rates. Now with online video legitimization.

  • internetbanking & App
    Internetbanking & App

    Internetbanking. Banking that excites. Simple and innovative.

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