Youth Account

Youth Account

With the Youth Account, you have your finances firmly under control.


The Youth Account is a particulary attractive account for all young people from the age of 14 until the age of 19 years.

The ideal account for getting a proper start! With our cost-free youth account, you can control all your money transactions as you please. Having their own current account helps schoolchildren, apprentices and employees currently on active military duty on their first steps towards financial independence. The best way to manage a young person’s first income, an apprentice’s wages, a schoolchild’s pocket money or income from a holiday job.

The youth account is an attractive account for anyone from the age of 14 who is in education or training, whether they are attending school or completing an apprenticeship or a period of military duty, up to the age of 19 or until they have completed their education/training (the account is not available beyond the age of 21, however). For young persons under the age of 18, the consent of their legal representative is necessary for an account to be opened.

The advantages for you

  • Product advantages

    No account management charge

  • Product advantages

    Maestro ATM card free of charge

  • Product advantages

    Internetbanking & App

Account management and posting items
Maestro ATM card for one account holder
Account statements via self-service bank statement printer or Internetbanking
Internetbanking & App
Electronic postings, e.g. withdrawals at ATMs, card payments, standing orders and direct debit orders, Internetbanking transfers, transfers at self-service terminals
Standing orders, automatic transfer services
Counter transactions (cash withdrawals, transfers, cash deposits)
Credit rate 0.01% per year *
debit rate 9.00% per year *
overdraft rate     5.00% per year

* Interest rates are adjusted quarterly on the basis of the 3-month Euribor plus a mark-up (debit interest)/less a mark-down (credit interest less capital gains tax [KESt]). The agreed mark-up (debit interest) is applied as the minimum interest rate.

Information about non-execution or cost reimbursement for execution of a payment order due to insufficient funds (If the payment order is executed incustomer’s interest (e.g. to pay rent)). EUR 4.11
Non-execution of standing order due to insufficient funds EUR 7.14
Customer Card
Maestro ATM card-transactions limited to EUR 400.00 per week. 1 card free of charge for young people
ATM withdrawal* EUR 1.82 plus 0.75% of the amount withdrawn/ transaction
Card payment in non-EU countries and in foreign currencies* EUR 1.09 plus 0.75% of the payment amount/transaction

*Charged directly by the clearing bank Payment Services Austria GmbH.

Not included are any third-party fees agreed by the customer for cash disbursements at ATMs in Austria and abroad and fees charged by foreign POS terminals or ATM operators abroad. The fee is charged to the cardholder’s checking account together with the disbursement or payment amount.

Customer Guidelines for the Card Service and the Contactless Function (.pdf)- Only available in German.
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card complete Prepaid Card
Primary card EUR 1.50 per month
Additional card EUR 1.00 per month
Loading fee 1.00%
Purchases in Austria (euro zone) Free of charge
Handling charge for transactions outside the EU/in foreign currencies 1.50% for sale

Charged directly by the credit card company.

Youth Account: Overview of our services and prices (.pdf)
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The above prices and services are purely an extract from the currently applicable notice of charges pursuant to § 35 of the Austrian Banking Act [BWG] as charged by Austrian Anadi Bank AG, which is available for inspection in the counter area. 


Your personal start page
in internetbanking

Your finances are personal to you.
Why not make your internetbanking
personal too?


More information about Youth Account

SEPA – a single Euro Payment Area

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) refers to an area in which consumers, business owners and other economic operators can make and receive EURO-payments; regardless of the country where they take place. The same basic conditions, rights and obligations shall apply to cross-border payments within the same country. Carry out your EURO transactions within the SEPA countries under uniform conditions as easily and securely as domestic transactions!

  • Easy purchase of goods and services in the SEPA area with uniform payment terms and uniform legal framework. This is regulated in Austria under the Payment Services Act.
  • Cross-border payments and direct debits are standardised in the SEPA area.
  • Shorter implementation times for SEPA payments.
Payments at home:
  • Transfer: SEPA-paymentorder
  • Domestic Express Payment: Transfer amount is credited to the recipient on the same day. Particularly suitable when the time factor plays a crucial role (e.g. overdue tax office payments).
  • Standing Order.
  • Direct Debit: SEPA Direct Debit
Foreign Payments:
  • Payments abroad or foreign currency payments in Austria.
  • International Bank transfer.
  • Express payment abroad.
  • Standing order.
What new features does SEPA offer for you as a customer?
  • Consumers will only need an account at the Austrian Anadi Bank AG. From this account, all transfers, direct debits and card payments in the single European market can be processed in the same efficient manner as domestic payments.
  • People who do not live, work or study in their home country, need no additional account besides their account at the Austrian Anadi Bank AG within the SEPA member states.
  • The use and acceptance of payment cards will be more efficient, as consumers can use the same card within the SEPA area.
General information on payment services for consumers (.pdf)
  • download
How secure is your account with Austrian Anadi Bank?
You can rest assured about the money in your account.

The statutory deposit guarantee system protects your capital and interest in:

  • savings accounts
  • current accounts
  • building savings accounts

up to a total amount of EUR 100,000.00 per depositor per insured bank.
Learn more about the statutory deposit guarantee system.

read more
Changing accounts is quick and easy
You want to become a customer of the Anadi Bank? We will handle the account switch as quickly and easily as possible in a competent way, free of charge and without the bureaucracy.

The current account is the basis for all of your financial cash flow. This includes cash withdrawals, deposits, transfers and much more. All this must be perfectly adapted to your personal needs, to operate seamlessly and ultimately save time. Switch your current account to the Anadi Bank today and reap the benefits from the get go.

We will do all the paperwork for you and in absolutely no time at all you can enjoy the features of your new account.

Switching accounts includes the following services free of charge:

  • All communication with your existing bank.
  • Closing the account at the existing bank.
  • Selection of a tailor-made account to meet your personal needs.
  • Opening the new account, including e - banking access and card request.
  • Setting up standing orders.
  • Payers who make recurring incoming transfers to their account (e.g. salary/pension payment agencies) and payees who collect cash amounts by direct debit (e.g. insurance companies, telephone suppliers etc.) are informed by us concerning the new bank account.
Information concerning the account switching service of Austrian Anadi Bank AG for consumers as envisaged in § 15 of the Austrian Consumer Payment Account Act (VZKG) (.pdf)
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