VISA Prepaid-Karte

VISA Prepaid Card

The card for everyone, with maximum security

With a prepaid card, you have a previously loaded credit amount which you can use to make payments in shops and on the internet, and which you can also use to withdraw cash at ATMs, both in Austria and abroad. The credit balance is on your “prepaid account”. If you block your card in case it is lost or stolen, you will not lose your money.

This way, young people learn to adapt and become more comfortable with cashless payment methods. For travellers, the Prepaid Card serves in place of or as an addition to a regular credit card with a previously specified "limit".

  • Can be used anywhere, including the Internet.
  • A Prepaid Card can be issued even without a current account.
  • The balance can be increased by making a deposit or by transferring funds.
  • Maximum balance: EUR 10,000.00
  • Daily load limit: max. EUR 2,500.00 (initial load: min. EUR 50.00 / reloading: min. EUR 20.00)
  • • Purchase transactions max. EUR 2,000.00/week; cash withdrawals max. EUR 700.00/day or max. EUR 2,000.00/week
  • Monthly statements for transactions within a billing period (also via email); online transaction queries can be made anytime.
  • The amount available for use is restricted by the balance of loaded funds and by daily and weekly limits. This adds an extra layer of security.

You can order your Prepaid Card online directly from card complete.
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Card fee, primary card EUR 1.50 per month
Card fee, additional card EUR 1.00 per month
Reactivation fee EUR 15.00
Loading fee 1.0% of the respective load
Processing fee for purchase transactions outside the EU or in foreign currencies 1.5% of sales
Cash withdrawal charge 2 x per transaction message free of charge, EUR 3.00 per withdrawal thereafter
Cost reimbursement for sending transaction message by post EUR 0.90
Duplicate transaction message EUR 3.00
Duplicate transaction slip EUR 10.00

The fees associated with these cards are charged directly by the credit card company.