Pocket Money Account

With your very own youth account you will have a complete overview of your finances.


The pocket money account is the perfect solution for your child. From the age of 10, he or she can easily access the pocket money you have transferred to their account.
“Learning by doing” is the right approach when it comes to handling money. Children are inherently independent, proactive, curious and open to the world. With a pocket money account your child will, from an early age, have the best opportunity for getting to know the world of bank accounts, bank cards and online banking.

How does the account work?

The pocket money account can be opened from 10 years of age. A declaration of consent has to be signed by the account holder’s legal representative. At least one parent has viewing power and access to internet banking for checking transactions. From 14 years you will be converted to a Youth Account* free of charge.
For young persons under the age of 18, the consent of their legal representative is necessary for an account to be opened.

The advantages for you


  • Product advantages

    Financial freedom*

  • Product advantages

    Flexible cash withdrawl and cashless payment card

  • Product advantages

    Pocket money can be conveniently transferred by standing order.

Account management and posting items
Maestro ATM card for one account holder 
Account statements via self-service bank statement printer or Online Banking
Online Banking & App
Pocket money can be conveniently transferred by standing order.
Withdraw money and make cashless payments of up to EUR 50,- per week
Limited internet transfers of EUR 50,- per each individual transaction

* With the pocket money account, fees are charged by Clearingstelle Payment Services Austria GmbH for any cash dispenser withdrawals and POS transactions outside of the EU area.

Credit rate 0.01 % p.a. **

** Interest rates are adjusted quarterly on the basis of the 3-month Euribor plus a mark-up (debit interest)/less a mark-down (credit interest less capital gains tax [KESt]). The agreed mark-up (debit interest) is applied as the minimum interest rate.

Maestro ATM card-transactions limited to EUR 50.00 per week 1 card free of charge for young people
ATM withdrawal*** EUR 1.82 plus 0.75% of the amount withdrawn/ transaction
Card payment in non-EU countries and in foreign currencies* EUR 1.09 plus 0.75% of the payment amount/transaction

*** Charged directly by the clearing bank Payment Services Austria GmbH.

Not included are any third-party fees agreed by the customer for cash disbursements at ATMs in Austria and abroad and fees charged by foreign POS terminals or ATM operators abroad. The fee is charged to the cardholder’s checking account together with the disbursement or payment amount.

Customer Guidelines for the Card Service and the Contactless Function (.pdf)
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Please note that the charges for ongoing services will be adjusted to the national consumer price index with effect from 1 April 2019. For any further queries, your account manager or our Customer Care Center will be happy to assist you either by telephone on +43 (0)50202-0 or by email at austrian@anadibank.com.

More information about Pocket Money Account

How secure is your account with Austrian Anadi Bank?
You can rest assured about the money in your account.

The statutory deposit guarantee system protects your capital and interest in:

  • savings accounts
  • current accounts
  • building savings accounts

up to a total amount of EUR 100,000.00 per depositor per insured bank.
Learn more about the statutory deposit guarantee system.

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The right way to handle pocket money - some tips for parents

Our children are growing up in a consumer society, and it is therefore essential for them to get to know how to handle money properly at an early age. With pocket money, they learn that we cannot have everything we want, and that we have to save up for larger purchases.

The management of pocket money is an individual matter and varies from family to family. Here you can find a recommended guide* to grading pocket money.

Age Amount
8 to 10 years EUR 2 to 3 weekly
10 to 12 years EUR 8 to 14 monthly
12 to 14 years EUR 12 to 20 monthly
14 to 16 years EUR 18 to 35 monthly

Below, please find a few tips to make dealing with pocket money easier for you and your kids:

  • Pocket money should be freely available for your children.
  • Pay your child their pocket money regularly and on time.
  • Do not force your child to save.
  • Do not use pocket money as a way to discipline your child.
  • Do not give pocket money in advance.
  • Pocket money should not be used to cover your child’s basic needs.
  • Pocket money should match your family’s standard of living.

    *Source: help.gv.at.




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