PayLife Gold Card

GoldPlus Card

For people who want more out of life

If security and convenience are important for you, the PayLife GoldPlus Card is optimally suited for you. This card offers attractive features and services that make life better.

  • Transaction limit: EUR 3,000.00 monthly (or by specific agreement)
  • Choose between VISA or MasterCard
  • PayLife 3-way travel protection is included
  • Trip cancellation insurance is included
  • Purchase protection is included
  • Emergency lockout service is included
  • Optional payment confirmation via PIN code instead of signature
  • Cash withdrawals and cashless payments via PIN code worldwide
  • Secure Internet payments via 3-D Secure
  • Comprehensive online and SMS services
  • PayLife specials: attractive voucher offers every month
  • PayLife Bonus up to EUR 100.00 (For every payment exceeding EUR 50.00, you will receive a credit of EUR 1.00 – this is the PayLife Bonus 100. With your PayLife GoldPlus Card, you can apply the PayLife Bonus 100 for up to 100 payments within a one-year period.)
Card fee EUR 74.00 per year
Info SMS per card EUR 1.00 per month
Cash withdrawals 3.00% of the amount withdrawn, EUR 3.63 minimum charge per withdrawal
Handling charge 1.65% of transactions and cash withdrawals in non-EU countries or in foreign currencies, with the exception of transactions/withdrawals of EUR in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and of SEK within the EU.

The fees associated with these cards are charged directly by the credit card company.