PayLife Gold Card

Gold Card

Experience golden times

The PayLife Gold Card has that certain “extra” in features and services for all of life’s circumstances.

  • Choose between VISA or MasterCard
  • PayLife 3-way travel protection is included
  • Purchase protection is included
  • Emergency lockout service is included
  • Optional payment confirmation via PIN code instead of signature
  • PayLife specials: attractive voucher offers every month
  • Secure Internet payments via 3-D Secure
  • Cash withdrawals and cashless payments via PIN code worldwide
  • PayLife Bonus up to EUR 100.00 (For every payment exceeding EUR 50.00, you will receive a credit of EUR 1.00 – this is the PayLife Bonus. With your PayLife Gold Card, you can apply the PayLife Bonus 100 for up to 100 payments within a one-year period.)
  • Advantage for university students and secondary school graduates: card is free of charge for the first year, then charged at half-price during subsequent years of study up to age 27 (inclusive)
  • Credit card insurance protection can be purchased for semesters spent studying abroad
Annual fee EUR 64.00 per year
Info SMS per card EUR 1.00 per month
Cash withdrawals 3.30% of the amount withdrawn, EUR 3.50 minimum charge per withdrawal
Handling charge 1.65% of transactions and cash withdrawals in non-EU countries or in foreign currencies, with the exception of transactions/withdrawals of EUR in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and of SEK within the EU.

The fees associated with these cards are charged directly by the credit card company.