card complete classic card

Classic Card with insurance benefits

Travel in total convenience

Enjoy the benefits of the full package of services offered by the card complete Classic Card with maximum financial flexibility.

  • Comprehensive travel insurance protection (e.g. accident/liability insurance, etc.)
  • Trip cancellation insurance up to EUR 2,500.00 is included; free of charge the first year, 20 credits in subsequent years
  • Online transaction query
  • Clearly structured billing statement sent once each month (payable within 14 days); email delivery of billing statements available upon request
  • Upon registering for 3-D Secure, transactions can be conveniently accessed and paid for via Internet
  • If your card and/or documents are lost or stolen, help is readily available through CPP (Card Protection Services). 
  • Withdraw cash worldwide; make cashless and contactless payments
  • With each transaction, earn credits that can be redeemed for vacation, experience, and lifestyle products in the complete Shop.
Annual fee for the first year EUR 24.00 per year
Annual fee starting with the second year EUR 57.00 per year
Annual fee for additional card in the first year free
Annual fee for additional card starting with the second year EUR 33.60 per year
Cash withdrawals 3.00% of the amount withdrawn, EUR 3.63 minimum charge per withdrawal
Handling charge 1.5% of transactions and cash withdrawals in non-EU countries or in foreign currencies, with the exception of transactions/withdrawals of EUR in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Gibraltar and of SEK within the EU.

The fees associated with these cards are charged directly by the credit card company.