The tresorTAN is an innovative signing method in Online Banking

The Anadi tresorTAN App provides transaction authorization numbers (TAN) which are necessary for carrying out transactions in Online Banking. Access is possible with your personal access data: user number, user name, and PIN or with your personal shortPIN and Device Link.

The most important points with regard to the tresorTAN App are:
  • Transmission of the tresorTAN is encrypted and is carried out directly in the app. The transmission of a text message is no longer necessary.
  • The tresorTAN is transaction specific and can only be used for one transaction.
  • Access to the tresorTAN App is possible with your personal access data. Or set a shortPIN und and activate device link
  • The tresorTAN App does not have to be installed on the same smartphone or tablet as the Online Banking App.

You can use a tresorTAN in Online Banking instead of or in addition to a mobileTAN. This means that, when you have activated tresorTAN as your signing method, you can decide for each transaction whether you use tresorTAN or mobileTAN.

What are the requirements for the use of the Anadi tresorTAN app?
  • The latest version of the Anadi tresorTAN App must be installed on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Das tresorTAN signing method must be activated
This is how you activate tresorTAN as your signing method
tresorTAN Login    1. Download the tresorTAN App from your AppStore (Google Play, AppStore, Microsoft Play Store)

2. Log in with your Online Banking user access data: user number, user name, and PIN.

3. Then set up device link. For this purpose, give your mobile end device a name and click on the button “connect”.

Note: If you are not using shortPIN as a quick access alternative in the Online Banking App, you can define a four-digit number combination as a shortPIN here in the tresorTAN app. In the future, log in to the tresorTAN app with this shortPIN. The same shortPIN is valid for Online Banking, Quick Check and the tresorTAN App.
Activate shortPIN
shortPIN aktivieren     1. To activate shortPIN click on "yes".

2. Assign a four-digit PIN.

3. Repeat the four-digit PIN.

You can change the shortPIN at any time in Online Banking under “Settings / Apps / shortPIN”. The change is immediately valid for each subsequent login.
Activate the signing method
shortPIN aktivieren    
In order to be able to use tresorTAN, you must activate the signing method in Online Banking. To do this, simply follow the description “Activate tresorTAN as your alternative signing method in Online Banking”.
Activate tresorTAN as an alternative signing method in Online Banking
tresorTAN Fingerprint     1. Log in to Online Banking.

2. In your personal area, find the tab “Signing Method” under “My Data”. Here you will find various signing methods. In the beginning, the mobileTAN signing method is activated and defined as default.

3. Now click on the pencil next to tresorTAN to open the editing screen.
Choose the signing method
Zeichnungsverfahren auswählen 1. Next to the option “Activate tresorTAN”, click on “Yes”. The activated selection is displayed in yellow.

Note: If you want to use the tresorTAN as your default signing method in the future, click on “Yes” next to the option “Use as default”. If the tresorTAN is defined as default, it is displayed as the first choice for future transactions. You can choose mobileTAN as your signing method directly in the transaction at any time. Find details about this under the option “Sign transactions with tresorTAN”.

2. If you have only logged in to Online Banking using your shortPIN, you must enter your PIN once more to authenticate yourself under the item “Login”.

3. After successful authentication, the login button changes to “Sign Now”. Click on this button. You immediately get a mobileTAN sent to you.

4. Afterwards, enter the mobileTAN sent to you via text message in the yellow box and click to confirm the decision with “Sign”.

You have successfully activated the tresorTAN signing method for Online Banking.
Download our tresorTAN App for free now:

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