Financial Overview

Always keep an overview of your finances

Financial Overview is the welcome page in Online Banking and gives you an overview of your current financial status.

You can see the overall balance of your current accounts, portfolios, online savings accounts, cash card and online time deposits clearly displayed. In total assets, financing is additionally taken into account. The sum of credits and debits can be seen graphically displayed.

You define for yourself which product groups are displayed: current accounts, savings accounts, fixed deposits, portfolios, financing, credit cards, savings goals, own values. To do this, simply go to “settings for page”. The “product overview” is opened. Then select the products you want to see in the financial overview.

The time period for which the totals are displayed can be set on the same page under „period“. By default it is set to “last 30 days”.

There you will find individual products displayed with their respective current balances. By clicking on a single product, you reach the respective transaction overview.

Transaction Overview, Search

Transaction overview displays transactions per account for the defined period of time. By default, transactions from the last 30 days are displayed. For further research, transactions from the last 13 months are accessible.

Transactions can be filtered and exported. Should you not find a specific transaction, the search function is available.

By clicking on a specific transaction, the detailed overview “transaction details” opens. In this overview you see transaction information summarized, you can write notes and print transfer confirmations.

Individual transactions from aggregated orders can be opened and displayed indivually in the transaction overview. For everyone who prefers pictures, the development of assets and transactions are displayed graphically under “course”.

Transaction Categorization

Transactions are automatically assigned a predefined category. The predefined categories are “Accomodation & household, transport, food, investment, communication & media, family & friends, insurance, miscellaneus, clothing, health, leisure & entertainment, education, income”.

Transactions which cannot be assigned a category, are combined under the section, “uncategorised”.

Directly beneath the list of transactions, you can see to which category individual transactions are assigned. When you click on a transaction you open up the “transaction details”. You can change each classification by yourself afterwards and adjust it according to your preferences. Simply click on the category displayed and change it as you wish. You can define classification “rules” so that you don’t have to make changes every time time for periodic transactions.

The graphic display of your debits and credits in categories can be found under the tab “categories”. Click on a category and all individual transactions assigned to it open up.

Define a “cash key” for atm withdrawals. This will assign all cash withdrawals from the atm to individual cagetories according to a percentual allocation key. You can set the cash key under “settings” and under the section “categories”.

Notifications– more overview and more security

Use notifications and be informed automatically about credits or debits to your account or notifications from Anadi Bank per text message, email, or push message on your smartphone. You can define how you wish to be informed and about which events in the “notification-settings” under your personal avatar. Here you can modify the settings separately for each account and for each savings goal. This way you can easily see when transactions take place without having to open Online Banking. And you don’t miss any important notification from Anadi Bank.

Account statements

Put an end to the paper mess and manage your acount statements online starting now. Your account statements can be found in your electronic deposit box. You can find your electronic deposit box under “service” in the menu. Manage your account statements online starting now. In order to receive your account statements in Online Banking, you must let your account manager activate the function.

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