Online Banking

Online Banking

Anadi Bank’s Online Banking is the ideal way to take care of your bank transactions quickly and easily online. The functions are available 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. Regardless if you prefer to carry out your bank transactions on a laptop, a pc or rather your smartphone or tablet, anywhere you have access to internet, you have access to the Online Banking & App with many valuable functions.

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Your personal start page in online banking

With the “My start page” function, you can design your Anadi Online Banking to suit your personal requirements.

With various views available, you can decide how your personal start page will appear on all terminals. Each view can be individually modified, added to, moved or deleted. You can adjust your start page to your individual requirements and make your Anadi Online Banking your personal “finance cockpit”.


Financial Overview – keep an overview of all your accounts


The Financial Overview gives you an overview of your current financial status. You see all received and sent payments and the current account balance of all your activated current accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and security portfolios as a total and in detail.
Every single transaction is assigned a category. This Transaction Categorization shows you graphically where your money flows. Easily find specific transactions with Search. Use Notifications und let yourself be automatically informed about credits and debits and notifications from Anadi Bank.
Your statements can be found in your personal electronic deposit box.


Transfer money quite simply

Transaction entry is quite simple. Regardless of whether you want to enter a one-time or periodic transaction, with automatic Contact Management, once used recipient information is available to you for later transactions.
You can easily and quickly carry out Inter-account Transfer, i.e. transfers between your own accounts, without TAN input.
Apart from the mobileTAN , the tresorTAN is also available to you for authorising transactions.


Savings Goals – We help you achieve your savings goals.


Define your Savings Goals with your Online Savings or on your Cash Card and plan the achievement of your savings goals. Step by step and day by day you see how close you already are to your savings goal and thus to fulfilling your dreams. With a savings product (Anadi Online Savings or Anadi Cash Card) you’ve already laid a solid foundation for this. With Savings Goals, you can easily and comfortably follow the realization of your wishes.


Online Banking App

Anadi Bank’s Online Banking is also available to you as an iOS APP, an Android APP and a Windows App. Due to technical possibilities on mobile end devices there are a few additional functions here.
Device Link and shortPIN make quick access to Online Banking possible. Fingerprint Scan is available on your mobile telephone and tablet for quick, simple login
Quick Check gives you a quick overview of your account balances and transactions. In addition, the app offers a Branch search, Anadi Bank News, direct access to “my details” and “app-settings”.




Access to Online Banking is secured with your personal login data: user number, user name, and PIN. The mobileTAN and tresorTAN are available for authorization of transactions and changes to your Online Banking. The Online Banking App offers additional quick access possibilities such as shortPIN and fingerprint scan (finger print and touch ID) which are connected to your respective end device through device link. During access with the shortPIN or your fingerprint, no transactions can be carried out.
In case of doubt, you can set blocks for your online banking by yourself.
Please absolutely heed the rules of conduct regarding use of the internet and regarding the topic of phishing.


Initial Login

For easy access to Online Banking you can find a summary of the points you should take note of during your initial login.

Erst Login


The Anadi tresorTAN App provides transaction numbers (TAN) which are necessary for carrying out transactions in Online Banking. Access is possible with your personal login data: user number, user name and PIN or with your personal shortPIN and device link.

Overwiev of our services and prices: Online Banking (.pdf)
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Download Online Banking App for free now
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