Call Deposit Account

Investment opportunity with flexible terms and timely availability


A Call Deposit Account is the ideal complement to the daily available liquidity of current accounts and investments in fixed-term deposits. With a Call Deposit Account, you can generate income while maintaining the liquidity you need over the short term. Use Anadi Bank’s “Call Geld 31” and “Call Geld 61” accounts to deposit liquid funds that you don’t need immediately, but may need soon.

With a Call Deposit Account, you decide at the beginning of the term which notice period is right for you – 31 days or 61 days. When you need and request some or all of your call deposit funds, this amount continues to bear interest during the notice period (31 or 61 days) and then becomes available in your current account.

Count on timely availability and market-aligned interest rates for your liquid funds.

  • Minimum deposit amount EUR 500,000.00 – additional deposits can be made at any time, up to a total of EUR 5,000,000.00.
  • Notice of intent to withdraw funds can be submitted as of the 10th day after the respective deposit is made
  • Notice period of 31 days or 61 days for full or partial withdrawal of deposited liquid funds
  • Notice of partial withdrawals of EUR 100,000.00 each, or multiples thereof; the minimum deposit amount can only be withdrawn as a single total amount.
  • Market-aligned, quarterly interest rate adjustment.
  • Annual account balancing.
  • No fees.