Account and credit card

Professional liquidity planning and budgeting is an essential component of your business. You need customised, reliable products and solutions supporting your day-to-day work. We provide you with the right solutions to all aspects of accounts, credit cards, e-business, payment transactions and liquidity management.


Your company relies on current accounts to process its daily payment transactions. Payments must be processed quickly, securely and automatically. Our products are geared towards the modern needs of companies and offer you a broad spectrum of services with optimal technological support and skilled personal consultation.

  • Mittelstandskonto
    SMS Account

    Strong businesses need strong partners.

  • All-In-Business-Konto
    All-In Business Account

    The All-In Business Account offers you flexible solutions at set prices.

  • Import-Export-Konto
    Import/Export Account

    We are at your side for your import and export projects.

Liquidity management

Our liquidity management solutions allow you to better manage your cash and optimise your cash flow. Our range of services guarantees you flexibility and ensures that all international payment transactions run smoothly.

  • Zahlungsverkehr
    Payment transactions

    Payments at home and across borders.


Credit cards

As a convenient way to pay, credit cards are part of day-to-day business. Choose the product that is right for you.

  • Maestro
    Maestro ATM card

    Pay without cash and withdraw cash 24/7.

  • PayLife Business Gold
    PayLife Business Gold credit card

    The credit card with insurance.



Conduct your banking online and provide your customers with modern payment options, 24/7.
  • Office-Banking
    Office banking

    A platform to oversee and access all accounts.

  • POS Terminal
    POS terminals

    Greater security from less cash.

  • eps Zahlungen
    eps bank transfer

    The easy payment system for web shops.

  • eMS
    eMS debit processing

    Easily obtain SEPA direct debit authorisation online.