Betriebliche Altersvorsorge

Employer pension plans

Saves tax, lowers costs, builds wealth.

Employer pension planning is a broad field with many variations and possible combinations. Every company and every industry have different prerequisites and needs. We adapt to you. We are happy to meet with you at your place of business. And of course we can discuss options for pension planning with the management, with representatives from the workforce and, if desired, with your tax consultant. Together, we will find the solution that is best suited to your situation.

Pension entitlement for executives

A pension entitlement is of interest if you

  • are an executive or managing partner of a limited liability company (GmbH),
  • want to provide long-term security for executives and key personnel and ensure their retention,
  • are looking for a cost-saving alternative to salary increases, and/or
  • would like to increase your appeal in the labour market.
Safeguarding the future, tax-free

A true tax gift: employees can save up to EUR 300.00 per year as a tax-free provision.
There are two ways to do this:

As a social benefit:
  • The employer pays the EUR 300.00 as a social benefit into a pension insurance policy for the employees or for defined groups of employees.
  • No incidental wage costs are incurred; the expense is considered a business expense and is tax deductible.
As a tax-free provision by the employee:
  • The employer makes it possible for the employee to safeguard his or her own future.
  • The amount is deducted from salary, and the full amount goes toward safeguarding the employee’s future.
  • In this way, employees are building up a tax-free provision.
  • At the same time, companies are lowering their incidental wage costs.
Termination benefits for long-term employees

For liquidity planning with regard to statutory termination obligations, we can

  • provide reinsurance for the termination benefit – you build up capital securely, and
  • arrange outsourcing of the termination benefit – the tax-free termination provision.

You determine which employees build up customised reserves.

Occupational group insurance

For every company, occupational group insurance is a safe way to make provisions for employees’ futures and a good supplement to the statutory pension system.

  • The amount of provision is exempt from wage tax and is therefore invested gross for net, with no incidental wage costs for the company.
  • Taxes are only due when the insurance is paid out.
  • Occupational group insurance is a useful tool to motivate valuable employees and to retain them within the company.
  • Pensions paid from the occupational group insurance have a lifetime guarantee on the guaranteed interest rate and the distribution basis; pension payments are made directly to the employee.