POS Terminal

POS terminals

Greater security from less cash

Offer your customers a modern payment option! POS terminals are already part of our day-to-day lives, not just in retail. More and more doctors’ offices, law firms and other service providers use the services of a card terminal.

For merchants, use of POS terminals means:

  • lower administrative expenses,
  • easier accounting,
  • elimination of dunning process,
  • elimination of cash handling, and
  • higher turnover from utilisation of added services.

Use of multiple account processing allows, for example, all sales in a shared practice to be processed with a single terminal.

A comprehensive range of services

Card payment is possible in ways other than through the POS terminal. There are also solutions for online shops, for food services, for parking garages, for automats or ordering goods.

Our partners for POS terminals and the e-commerce, Card complete and SIX Payment Services, support you with a comprehensive and professional range of POS and e-commerce solutions.

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