Managing liquidity and operational investing activities play an important role in business success. Whether time deposits, funds, bonds or other forms of investing – no matter what you require, you can count on a reliable partner with well-founded expertise in all matters of financing.

  • Bonds

    A simple and straightforward form of investment.

  • Investment funds
    Investment funds

    A modern and easy form of investment.

  • Mortgage Bond
    Mortgage Bond

    A save form of investments.

  • Time deposits
    Time deposits

    Guaranteed interest rate with a time deposit.


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Information concerning the quality of execution of client orders achieved pursuant to § 64 (2) of the Austrian Securities Supervision Act (WAG)
Retail client orders

Here you can find the top five execution venues in terms of trading volume for all client orders and each class of financial instrument.

Top 5 reporting Stock Exchange 2018 (.pdf)
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Top 5 reporting Partner 2018 (.pdf)
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Top 5 reporting 2017 (.pdf)
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Professional clients
No transactions of professional clients on stock exchanges for 2018
Top 5 reporting Partner 2018 (.pdf)
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No transactions for 2017


Quality reports

Here you can find, for each class of financial instrument, a summary of the evaluations and conclusions from the monitoring of the quality of execution achieved for the execution venues on which Austrian Anadi Bank AG executed all client orders for financial instruments.

Quality report 2018 (.pdf)
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Quality report 2017 (.pdf)
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