Syndicated financing

Bundled line of credit under a single loan agreement

With syndicated financing, one bank normally acts as the coordinator and syndicate agent, and the client usually enters into a syndicated loan agreement only with this one bank. In the background, though, the funds are actually provided by other banks involved in the syndicated financing through syndication and sub-participation agreements.

The advantage of such syndicated financing arrangements for your company: you have a single point of contact, although in the background several banks bear the financial responsibility for your loan.

When you provide us with your mandate, we offer you the following:
  • We take on the responsibility of structuring and placing your financing.
  • We invite national and international banks to participate in the offer.
  • As the agent, we remain your point of contact even after the contract has been entered into. You can continue to contact our bank for all information, reports or questions.

We can also provide you with all types of financing in syndicated form.