Export financing

With export financing, we make it easier for companies to enter new markets.

Our bank acts as the link between your business and the funding agency.
You have the following options for financing and guarantees:

  • Sales-dependent financing methods

    These are low-interest loans linked to the company’s export activities. They are intended to support ongoing export business.
    Österreichische Exportfonds GmbH awards the lowest interest export loans to small and medium-sized enterprises. With the revolving Kontrollbank credit line (Kontrollbank-Refinanzierungsrahmen, or KRR), Österreichische Kontrollbank AG provides ideal assistance for large companies.

  • Österreichische Kontrollbank AG’s contract-based export financing scheme (EFS loans)

    EFS loans serve primarily to finance individual export transactions with medium to long-term payment terms. However, they can also be used as revolving loans for export business with shorter payment terms.

  • Export financing for international investments

    Export financing is intended to support international investment. These can be used in order to establish sales offices, subsidiaries or joint ventures.

  • Hedge export risks

    No success without risk. That is also true for Austria’s growing export economy, which is why you should hedge your export risk as best as possible.

    In addition to Österreichische Kontrollbank AG as the largest export loan insurer, private loan insurers are also available to you.


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