Payments also beyond the borders

For daily money transactions at home and abroad, we offer efficient solutions for transactions, transferring your money easily and flexibly when required.

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Payments at home
  • Transfer: SEPA-paymentorder
  • Domestic Express Payment: Transfer amount is credited to the recipient on the same day. Particularly suitable when the time factor plays a crucial role (e.g. overdue tax office payments).
  • Standing Order
  • Direct Debis: SEPA Direct Debit.
Foreign Payments
  • Payments abroad or foreign currency payments in Austria.
  • International Bank transfer
  • Express payment abroad 
  • Standing order

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Payments to India
  • With our local cooperation partners, we are able to handle your payments to India promptly and at favourable terms.
  • We connect Austria and India with the India Access Account.
SEPA – a single Euro Payment Area

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) refers to an area in which consumers, business owners and other economic operators can make and receive EURO-payments; regardless of the country where they take place. The same basic conditions, rights and obligations shall apply to cross-border payments within the same country. Carry out your EURO transactions within the SEPA countries under uniform conditions as easily and securely as domestic transactions!

New Features
  • Easy purchase of goods and services in the SEPA area with uniform payment terms and uniform legal framework. This is regulated in Austria under the Payment Services Act.
  • Cross-border payments and direct debits are standardised in the SEPA area.
  • Shorter implementation times for SEPA payments.
New features for Consumers
  • Consumers will only need an account at the Austrian Anadi Bank AG. From this account, all transfers, direct debits and card payments in the single European market can be processed in the same efficient manner as domestic payments.
  • People who do not live, work or study in their home country, need no additional account besides their account at the Austrian Anadi Bank AG within the SEPA member states.
  • The use and acceptance of payment cards will be more efficient, as consumers can use the same card within the SEPA area.
New features for KMUs
  • The new procedures offer, in particular small and medium businesses, the chance to open up new procurement and sales markets in the European market.
  • In addition, SEPA offers the opportunity for further modernisation of payment transactions (improved networking of payment transactions and internal accounting).
  • Standardised data for all European business partners. Regardless of whether at home or abroad, the master data, such as IBAN and BIC are uniform. Through this identical Europe wide use, the effort in customer data management is minimised.
New features for corporate clients and companies
  • The entire euro-denominated transactions (SEPA payment order, SEPA Direct Debit) can be processed centrally via one bank account using SEPA payment instruments.
  • Cost reduction and time savings through consolidation of payment and liquidity management in one location.
  • Simplification of payments, as all incoming and outgoing payments can be processed using a standardised format (XML).
  • Use of additional services: The standardised SEPA payments will help to ensure that services that are currently often offered only nationally, will be available across Europe (e.g. e-invoicing, e-reconciliation) in the future.
    Under SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) cashless payments and the infrastructure for Euro payments will be standardised in a total of 34 European countries.
  • SEPA payments can only be made in EURO.
  • SEPA participants:  recipient countries are the EU member states, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Monaco and San Marino.
  • IBAN and BIC of payer and payee must be provided correctly and in full.
    The receiving bank must be SEPA-compliant.