Office Banking

Office Banking is your application for overseeing and accessing all accounts

Using the office banking software, you can quickly and efficiently handle all payment transactions from your workplace. In this way, you avoid buying other software packages that used to be needed for each bank. It is ideal for businesses and customers at the federal, state, city and municipal levels, as well as public entities, energy supply companies, housing cooperatives and SMEs.

Your advantages

  • Product advantages

    Multi Bank Standard

  • Product advantages

    Scalable security functions

  • Product advantages

    Multi-user capability, network support and offline access

What is Multi Bank Standard (MBS)?

The Multi Bank Standard (MBS) allows direct access to your accounts at all banks participating in MBS. In other words, you manage your accounts at various banks simply and quickly using a single software package.

Unique to office banking:
  • Multi Bank Standard (MBS)
  • Multi-user capability/network support
  • Offline order preparation
  • Separate administrator and user areas
What guarantees the greatest possible security for office banking?
  • Orders are signed using the cardTAN, mobileTAN or a digital signature.
  • Access requires a PIN, user name and user number. Access data can be changed at any time. Authorisation for each user can be set individually.
What do you need in order to use office banking?

To use office banking from Anadi Bank, you need:

  • at least one account at Anadi Bank,
  • the agreement to participate in office banking (you can sign it when you open your account),
  • a PC or a laptop, and
  • an office banking software.
  • Financial overview
  • SCT SEPA credit transfers
  • Foreign transfers
  • Book transfers and express transfers (same day value dating)
  • Account balance and turnover display
  • Management of standing orders and regular orders
  • BIC search
  • IBAN and BIC checking
  • Exchange rate display
  • Signature authorisation (collective/individual)
  • Message service (intra-system communication with the bank)
  • Ability to execute SDD Sepa Direct Debit Core and B2B
  • Electronic bank statements possible
  • Collective transfers
  • Dynamic input screen
  • Payment forms for invoices (with discount calculation) and tax office payments
  • Management of payees and payee groups
  • Management of templates and template groups
  • Management of account groups with adjustable prioritisation of accounts
  • Various filter options and statistics
  • Order and turnover archive
  • User management/authorisation management
  • Import and export functions for cooperation with financial accounting departments
  • Database service programs (back-up, archiving, reorganisation)
  • Data back-up and automatic updates
Initial licence (software licence/installation package), non-recurring EUR 108.35
- Monthly fee per account
- Monthly fee for 10 accounts or more (flat rate)
EUR 8.68
EUR 86.69
International Cash Management
- Initial licence (software licence/installation package), non-recurring
- Connection-Fee for each initial license
- Usage-Fee quarterly

EUR 313.65
EUR 52.28
EUR 31.37
On-site service charge for installing and training  EUR 108.35
cardTAN Security Card EUR 10.98 p.a.
cardTAN generator per unit EUR 10.59
Creditor ID direct debit system (non-recurring) EUR 16.47
Office Banking: Overview of our services and prices (.pdf)
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The above prices and services are purely an extract from the currently applicable notice of charges pursuant to § 35 of the Austrian Banking Act [BWG] as charged by Austrian Anadi Bank AG, which is on display in the counter area, or in the schedule of fees and charges for non-consumer, which can be obtained from your customer service representative.



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