Import und Export Konto

Import/Export Account

We support your import and export projects.


For most companies, increasing globalisation and the emergence of large economic trade areas mean major changes. These changes also bring about new business opportunities. In order to provide you as an import/export-oriented business with the best support possible, we offer the customised Import/Export Account with best-price guarantee.


Your advantages

  • Product advantages

    You benefit from our best-price guarantee.

  • Product advantages

    You utilise the flexible export credit line as needed.

  • Product advantages

    You benefit from the skills of our experts responsible for risk hedging of your foreign trade business.

Value-for-money terms and conditions and no handling charge
Flexible export account overdraft facility
Best price foreign currency conversion at 0.125% per transaction plus any third-party charges
Account statements obtained from self-service statement printer or Internetbanking
New standing orders, changes or removal of standing orders through Internetbanking

Interest rate for business account by agreement. 

Account management charge EUR 903.87 quarterly
Transfer via Internetbanking or Office Banking. (In case of foreign transfers, applicable foreign transfer charges are added). EUR 0.46
Withdrawals and card payments at POS worldwide EUR 0.20
Data carrier - direct debit returns EUR 0.72
Standing order posting, automatic transfer services EUR 0.72
Cash withdrawal at cashier´s desk EUR 2.19
Cash payment into own account at cashier´s desk EUR 2.19
Cash payment into own account at self-service terminal EUR 0.39
Transfer at cashier´s desk EUR 0.97
Express transfer EUR 12.30
Posting line EUR 0.32
Post-processing of incorrect SEPA transfer EUR 6.49
Electronic postings (e.g. direct debit posting, data carrier posting, SEPA credit entries, etc.) EUR 0,46
Check postings EUR 1,96
Closing entry EUR 0,46

Information about non-execution or cost reimbursement for execution of a payment order due to
insufficient funds (If the payment order is executed in customer’s interest (e.g. to pay rent).

EUR 4.85
Credit entries/debit entries transfer manual EUR 0,97
Collective transfer EUR 0,39
Customer card
Maestro ATM card with Standard transaction limit Standard transaction limit: up to EUR 400.00 cash withdrawal per day and up to EUR 1,100.00 POS transaction limit per week EUR 29.25 p.a.
Maestro ATM card surcharge for cards with higher limit higher limit: All transactions exceeding the limit of EUR 400.00 cash withdrawal per day and up to EUR 1.100,00 at POS transaction limit per week EUR 11.09 p.a.
Reorder of Maestro ATM card with unchanged sequence number EUR 11.24
Reorder of Maestro ATM card with new sequence number EUR 29.25
Transaction charge for Maestro customer card - In non-EU countries and in foreign currencies - ATM withdrawal* EUR 1.82 plus 0.75 % of the amount withdrawn/transaction
Transaction charge for Maestro customer card - In non-EU countries and in foreign currencies - Card payment* EUR 1.09 plus 0.75% of the
payment amount/transaction

*Charged directly by the clearing bank Payment Services Austria GmbH.

Not included are any third-party fees agreed by the customer for cash disbursements at ATMs in Austria and abroad and fees charged by foreign POS terminals or ATM operators abroad. The fee is charged to the cardholder’s checking account together with the disbursement or payment amount.

PayLife credit cards
PayLife Business Gold including insurance cover EUR 64.00 p.a. including PayLife Gold private card free of charge
Cash withdrawals (PayLife) 3.30% of the amount withdrawn, EUR 3.50 minimum charge per withdrawal
Handling charge (PayLife): for card transactions in EUR in non-EEA countries and in currencies other than EUR: 1.65% of transaction value

The fees associated with these cards are charged directly by the credit card company.

Import/Export Account: Overview of our services and prices (.pdf)
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The above prices and services are purely an extract from the currently applicable schedule of fees and charges for non-consumers, which can be obtained from your customer service representative.



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