Escrow/Trust/Collective Trust Account

Professional and efficient management


With our Escrow/Trust/Collective Trust Account, third-party funds can be optimally separated from your own finances. Regardless of whether it concerns income from property sales, estate management or the management of other third party funds. We offer you qualified expert knowledge and the best support possible.

Your advantages

  • Product advantages

    Low-cost account management fee of EUR 11.26 per quarter

  • Product advantages

    No charging of the handling fee associated with your assets for transactions made in currencies other than the euro

  • Product advantages

     Your accounts are managed in accordance with the applicable guidelines for legal trusts or, in Vienna, the electronic legal trust register (Elektronisches anwaltliches Treuhandbuch)

Account management
Account statements via self-service bank statement printer or Internetbanking
Transactions (posting line)
Electronic posting, e.g. Internetbanking transfer
Internetbanking & App
Interest rate for credit balances 0.01 % p.a. less capital gains tax KESt
Account management fee EUR 22.67 per quarter
Express transfer EUR 12.30
Account closure for Trust Accounts via „Rechtsanwaltskammer“ EUR 82,88
Escrow/Trust/Collective Trust Account: Overview of our services and prices (.pdf)
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The above prices and services are purely an extract from the currently applicable schedule of fees and charges for non-consumers, which can be obtained from your customer service representative.



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