Anadi mobilePAY app

Anadi mobilePAY app – your digital wallet

The Anadi mobilePAY app (mPAY) is your digital wallet. In addition to the possibility of using your Maestro ATM card for ZOIN (person-to-person payments), you can manage customer cards of different companies in your digital wallet.

The Anadi mobilePAY app works on all commonly used smartphones that use the Android operating system (version 6 and up) or iOS (version 9 and up).

Download the Anadi mobilePAY app (mPAY) free of charge now:
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ZOIN makes sending, receiving and requesting money as easy as texting

With the ZOIN function in your Anadi mobilePAY app (mPAY), you can send money directly to your contacts’ accounts by telephone number, as easily as sending a text message. It just takes a few clicks. You don’t need an IBAN or a BIC. Just select a contact or telephone number, enter the amount and confirm the whole transaction with your PIN – all done. Of course, both sender and recipient must be registered for ZOIN.

If your contact has not yet activated the ZOIN function, you can simply send them money via the Maestro ATM card number.

You want to receive money “cashless”? This is just as easy if you have registered for ZOIN. And if you haven’t yet registered, you can do so immediately and free of charge, in just three steps.

With ZOIN you can also very easily send your contacts a reminder if they still owe you money. You can do this with “Request money” and “Chat” in ZOIN.

How does ZOIN work?

With ZOIN, you send or receive money via your Maestro ATM card. The money is immediately debited from the sender’s account and credited to the recipient’s account, and is at the recipient’s disposal immediately.

ZOIN uses the same secure infrastructure as you have come to expect with payments using your Maestro ATM card. All data are transmitted in encrypted form.

How secure is ZOIN?

The Anadi mobilePAY app (mPAY) is protected from access by third parties through entry of your email address and self-selected password. In addition, you approve payments via ZOIN by means of your self-selected ZOIN PIN. You can also set up a general block on your smartphone (by swipe pattern, code entry, fingerprint or iris scan, depending on your mobile phone provider) to prevent access to the Anadi mobilePAY app (mPAY).

What can ZOIN offer you?
  • Send money to stored telephone contacts, telephone numbers or Maestro card numbers
  • Receive money
  • Request money

And you can do all of the above as often as you want, within the defined limits.

What are the requirements for using ZOIN?
  • You must be 14 years or older.
  • You must have the Anadi mobilePAY app (mPAY) installed on your smartphone (with Android operating system, version 6 and up, or with iOS version 9 and up).
  • You must use an Anadi Bank account and Maestro ATM card.
  • You must have access to Anadi Online Banking.
  • You must have registered for ZOIN and activated your Maestro ATM card for ZOIN in Anadi Online Banking.
  • The amount you want to transfer must be available in your account.
  • Download the Anadi mobilePAY app (mPAY) from the Google Play Store (Android) or iTunes Store (iOS) on your smartphone.
  • All contractual documents will be provided before activation of the Anadi mobilePAY app (mPAY). Please confirm these.
  • Create the first login with your email address. Assign a self-selected password.
  • To confirm the activation, you will receive a verification code by email. Enter this verification code in the corresponding field.
  • This completes registration for the Anadi mobilePAY app (mPAY) and you can now register for the ZOIN payment function.
shortPIN aktivieren     shortPIN aktivieren     shortPIN aktivieren
Download the Anadi mobilePAY app (mPAY) free of charge now:
Appstore    Playstore


In order to be able to use ZOIN, you now have to register for ZOIN.

  • Register for the “ZOIN” payment function with your telephone number – on your smartphone under Step 2: ZOIN registration. Allocate a ZOIN name under which you will be visible to other users. Ensure that your ZOIN name does not have any umlauts or spaces at the end, and that your contact will be able to recognise you under the name you have chosen. To confirm your telephone number, you will receive the verification code for activation by text message.
  • In Step 3, you activate ZOIN. Log into Anadi Online Banking on your desktop or via the Anadi Online Banking app and approve enable your Maestro ATM card for ZOIN. To do this, go to Services/My cards in Anadi Online Banking and select your Maestro ATM card. You have to enable the ZOIN registration with a tresorTAN or mobileTAN.
  • In the Anadi mobilePAY app, enter the ZOIN activation code from Online Banking. This activates your Maestro ATM card for use with ZOIN.
shortPIN aktivieren     shortPIN aktivieren     shortPIN aktivieren


Sending money

  • Maximum amount per transaction: EUR 400.00
  • Maximum amount per transaction: EUR 400.00
  • Maximum amount per week: EUR 1,000.00
  • Single amounts up to EUR 25.00 can also be sent without entering the self-selected ZOIN PIN.
  • Once a cumulative total amount of EUR 125.00 has been reached, the self-selected ZOIN must be entered.
  • Inquiries to unregistered users: maximum of 50 inquiries/day. Inquiries to unregistered users are counted.

ZOIN transactions are also included in the agreed maximum amounts for transactions at POS terminals using your Maestro ATM card. This means, for example, that if you send money by ZOIN your available POS weekly limit will be reduced.

Receiving money

  • Maximum amount per day: EUR 400.00
  • Maximum amount per week: EUR 1,000.00

Requesting money:

  • Maximum amount per day: EUR 400.00
  • Maximum amount per day: EUR 400.00
  • Limits for the number of requests: 10x/day | 50x/week

Please note that limits agreed individually with Austrian Anadi Bank AG may also apply.

"Send money" or "receive money" by ZOIN when using the Anadi mobilePAY app EUR  0.12

ZOIN Geld senden    

Sending money doesn’t get easier than this!

1. Log into the Anadi mobilePAY app (mPAY). Tap on the card that is registered for ZOIN and select the menu item “Send money”.

2. Select a contact from your list of telephone contacts. The most frequently used contacts will be displayed directly in the Anadi mobilePAY app (mPAY).

3. Enter the desired amount, write a message (if desired) and complete the process by tapping “Send money”.

4. Confirm the transfer of the money with your ZOIN PIN.

What if your contact doesn’t yet use ZOIN?

If one of your contacts doesn’t yet use ZOIN, you will see this when you set up the order. You can now send a text message to your contact telling him or her about ZOIN. Your contact will then have a few days to register. As soon as your contact has registered, you will get a message notifying you, and you will now be able to send the desired amount. If your contact has not registered within 5 days, you will not be notified. In any event, your account will not be debited until you have confirmed the transfer.

You also have the option of sending an amount to a Maestro ATM card. To do this, select “Send money” on the input screen and then the “Card number” tab. Enter the recipient’s Maestro ATM card number. The 19-digit card number is shown on the reverse of the Maestro ATM card. The recipient will see on his or her bank statement that the payment has been received.


More about Anadi mobilePAY app (mPAY)

Customer information and conditions

Below we have the most important information for you to download:

Besondere Geschäftsbedingungen (BGB) für die Nutzung der Bezugskarte für die ZOIN-Funktion - only available in German language
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Allgemeine Nutzungsbedingungen der Anadi mobilePAY App (mPAY) - only available in German language
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Vorvertragliche Informationspflichten gemäß §§ 4 IVM 7 FAGG zur Anadi mobilePAY App (mPAY) - only available in German language
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Datenschutzerklärung - Anadi mobilePAY App (mPAY) - only available in German language
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